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Covering Classic Punk via the medium of Ukulele, stand up bass and percussion.
Has supported SLF, Tenpole Tudor, The Sex Pistols Experience, UK Subs and The Re-entrants.

Appearances on BBC Radio 5 Live, BBC Radio Lancs, Tameside Radio, NMFM and Manchester Radio Online.

"It really shouldnt work..but it does!!" TenPole Tudor

Rat Scabies on the UkePunk version of 'Love Song' "Hi Paul, I posted it (On Facebook) cos I think you did a really good version, and in a funny way I also feel proud of. Thank you"
Rat S.
Bookings, call Paul 07752367070

Manchester Mule review

Manchester Rocks Review. Legends Night Club 12.08.11

I opted for the small chillout room to start with as people were still coming in and I’d heard that Ukepunk! would be playing which sounded intriguingly different and something I definitely wanted to experience.

I wasn’t disappointed! I got myself a front row seat and witnessed the impressively rude, old school punk style vocals contrasted with the kitch, Honolulu sound of the Ukulele. The Ukepunk! are local guys from Ramsbottom with a thoroughly Lancashire lilt to the vocals and an aggressive, care-not quality to the delivery- exactly what you would expect to see if you are a fan of your typical old school punk bands like The Sex Pistols, The Ramones or the Damned. The reception they got from local punk fans was enthusiastic to say the least and I found them a great down to earth, yet incredibly different party band. They were only out-punked by one ‘too drunk to *@%*’ or even walk, member of the audience who I saw enter the room, make a beeline for the curious sound coming from the stage amongst the skanking fans and then show his appreciation for the band by crashing face first into the lead singers music stand and sound equipment cutting the act dead for about 5 minutes.

After I recovered from laughter and said skanking enthusiasts had chanted ‘Punk as *@%*!!’ many times, the band had set up again, passed some amusing narky and sarcastic comments about stage diving fans and the Ukepunk! antics continued.

Their own material was humorous and to-the-point like ‘Girl Across The Road’, with some songs showing their softer side- like ‘Imaginary Girlfriend’, and their many covers ranged from Nancy Sinatra to The Jam, The Stranglers, The Damned and The Clash. I recorded a couple of video clips so you can hear the sound (band not visible I’m afraid as it was on my phone) so check them out and have a look at their clips on youtube; or search for The Ukulele Punk on Facebook.

A fantastic set overall, chosen I’m sure to go with the Summer Freakout theme with the Ukulele sound supporting this, teamed with our love of punk and rock. Manchester Rocks hopes to see The Ukepunk! again.
Cath Aubergine -

Right, where were we? Christmas, yep. Rubbish time of year for gigs, with one honourable annual exception: DILE's festive special at Ashton Witchwood, held as ever on the 27th December. This year they've employed possibly the best warm-up man you could have for the sort of do it is: The Ukulele Punk.

Yep - he's a punk and he's got a ukulele, and he plays the sort of family favourites everyone can sing along to: Anarchy In The UK, Sheena Is A Punk Rocker, The Damned's "Love Song". Apparently he's very popular on Youtube - here's his channel - and he's certainly popular in the Witchwood tonight, getting an encore (a second take on "Anarchy" for the benefit of those who missed the start of his set).


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