Raw Material

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Genre : Pop Rock
Location : Rossendale

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Raw material are a six piece Rossendale band formed with friends who share the same tastes, aims and commitment.

We want to entertain, and all whilst actually enjoying what we do!

We didnt want to be a "juke box" band who may well be happy just re-creating covers, or get stuck in any particular decade, but would rather strip tracks down that we like, and then put our own take on them.

The band loves to do "semi unplugged" numbers, playing acoustic instruments taught us a lot, but will still "Ramp it up" as our audience requires.

We are developing a web site with all sorts of material on it, and will include some of our tracks/video.

Thanks for reading this.

Steve b


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Song NameArtistTypeLength (mins)
Im Not In Love 10cc Cover 4
Eye in the Sky Alan Parsons Cover 4
For What Its Worth Buffalo Springfield Cover 4
Lady Eleanor Lindisfarne Cover 4
Wonderwall Oasis Cover 4
Breathe Pink Floyd Cover 5
Wish You Were Here Pink Floyd Cover 4
Us and Them Pink Floyd Cover 4
Stuck In The Middle Stealers Wheel Cover 4
Everybody wants To Rule Tears for Fears Cover 4
Sanctuary Revisited The Cult Cover 4

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Percussionist required, right here, right now...

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Raw Material need a new percussionist


looking for a band to.share a charity gig

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charity gig late April early may


Have a look and listen would you please!

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our take on the cults sanctuary


Somethings happening!!

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Guitarist wanted


Lead singer now available

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Services offered to the community!


Rhythm /lead guitarist please

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we are looking for a guitarist (Semi acoustic based band)


Backing singer, come on people we want you!

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