Purple Hayes

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Genre : Classic Rock
Location : Bolton

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Purple Hayes are a guitar playing duo covering classic rock, modern rock and guitar anthems.


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Song NameArtistTypeLength (mins)
All the small things Blink 182 Cover 3
Runaway Bon Jovi Cover 4
Summer of 69 Bryan Adams Cover 4
Bad Moon Rising CCR Cover 3
Walk of life Dire Straits Cover 4
Money for nothng Dire Straits Cover 7
Good riddance (time of your life) Green Day Cover 3
Molly's Chambers Kings of Leon Cover 3
Are you gonna go my way Lenny kravitz Cover 3
Tuesday's Gone Lynrd Skynyrd Cover 5
Little By Little Oasis Cover 4
Don't Look back in anger Oasis Cover 4
Learning to Fly Pink Floyd Cover 4
Every rose has it's thorn Poison Cover 4
Doctor Doctor (Bad cas of loving you) Robert Palmer Cover 4
Run Snow patrol Cover 3
Rocking all over the world Status Quo Cover 4
Sally Cinnamon Stone Roses Cover 3
Let it Be The Beatles Cover 3
Dancing in the Moonlight Thin Lizzy Cover 4
2,4,6,8 Motorway Tom Robinson Cover 4
Don't break my heart again Whitesnake Cover 4
Gimme all your loving ZZ Top Cover 4
Head's in Mississippi ZZ Top Cover 4

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Purple Hayes dates available Aug/Sept/Oct

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