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A bit about me....

I have a Gretsch Catalina Club 18 Jazz Drum Kit I bought in 2012.

and this wonderful Tama Starclassic kit

Started playing drums when I was 16, a school band, got serious a couple of years later with a band called Patch (yes I know, it sounds like a dog) the highlight being a support slot with a very young Thin Lizzy back in 1974. This was me playing at the Lizzy support at 20 years old.

Eric Bell had just left Lizzy and a very young Gary Moore has stepped in.

Next was a Manchester based Funk/Rock band called Skint (and we were!), we played clubs and bars all over the north west.

Sticky were next, a rock covers band. We gigged at least twice a week and were regularly playing in the clubs and bars in Liverpool.

I had a break and started again when I had a drum kit bought for me by my wife. I joined a blues rock band called Raw Deal, we played all over and got 4 spots at Burnley Blues Festival during the '90's.

The bands stayed together, with a few guitar and name changes, The Freeriders and Massive Electric Storm, for the next 16 years till 2011.

From July 2011 till August 2013

Silent Victory - original melodic rock.

We did a few support slots at Manchester Academy and started working on new material for the second album. We also slotted some covers in to be able to play the pub and club circuit to raise the finances to record.

Also played with Boxcar Hoppers - blues/rock covers band 2012-2013

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home made moongel - any one help?

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Keep getting my bought gels nicked... cost a fortune!!!!


small, hot, very damp but 5 of us enjoyed being in it

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Video of Saturday night @ The Wishing Well - Silent Victory


Mr NWB your mail box is full "quota exceeded"

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Posted By : Geph Kickass | Comments : 3 |

please back up your mail.