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Genre : Synthpop
Location : Chorlton

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Ryan Munro: Vocals, E-mu Emax I, Boss DR-55
Mike Healey: E-mu Emax I

Originally we were a pretty normal alternative rock band but over the last three years we've got more and more into vintage synths and various other electronic boxes that make strange sounds. The end result is a band that sounds like the Pet Shop Boys, if Neil and Chris were replaced by JG Ballard and Philip K Dick. Any venues interested in putting up with our brand of dystopian cabaret please get in touch whilst synths still have a brief spell of being in fashion!

Our influences range from bands like Talking Heads and The Pixies to early Human League, Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream and Gary Numan to Bowie and Scott Walker. We like all sorts really.


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Song NameArtistTypeLength (mins)
Halloween Film One Original 4
The Stalker Film One Original 4
The Hum Film One Original 5
Laughing Gas Film One Original 5
Map of the World Film One Original 4
I Heard A Phone Ring Out Film One Original 10
Dead Hand Film One Original 3
The Lost Age Film One Original 5
The Winding Down Film One Original 8
Decade Film One Original 4
Night Driver Film One Original 4
Cars Gary Numan Cover 4

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Great evening but a disasterous result for Film One!



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Wow! Our first ever gig and it was at a proper music festival!


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The Ebay Curse Strikes Again!