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Genre : Blues Rock
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Bassist from 60's70's80's ...ex-pro... not young !...neither is Eric. .... toured UK ...Europe and Israel...supported major bands , played original Cavern and Top Ten in Hamburg.... Recorded for BBC /Polydor and Philips record labels ...AKA band split October .... Stand in for Midnite Johnny band when ever required ( Not played with Johnny in an age .. Top Fella ! ) ! Now with Jonny Turner band ...hear us on Reverbnation and Web pages ... Also on YouTube... Unfortunately have split up , great Blues /Rock band too! ....

Fender Hotrod bass ...Hartke 350 Head and Hartke 4 x 10" and 2x 10"speaker cabinets... mike n' stand... Fender 100 Rumble ( Punchy Little Beast of an amp )
Fender 400 Pro....( More Punchy Bigger Beast of an amp )


Tel 07743107059

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Fender Rumble

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Looking for a Fender Rumble Bass amp