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NWB Closing Day.

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Posted By : JUICY | Comments : 9

JUICY are holding an official (previously un-official) party at The Bowling Green Horwich.

FRIDAY 1st SEPTEMBER from 21:00 hrs.


# Posted by APRIL MOON - 27/08/2017, 11:03 (GMT)

Would love to come along but we always gig on Fridays. Hope to see everyone on another site! x
Jaime & Jason

# Posted by JUICY - 27/08/2017, 14:10 (GMT)

Thanks for your reply Mr/Mrs/Ms (delete as applicable) Moon.
I expected some self-appointed "moral high ground" official to moan that the band hadn't been on the site for at least 30 years to have the temerity to post that we were recognising the close of this institution.
Juice ( Darwen dwarf hunter )

# Posted by G-IT-22 - 27/08/2017, 15:56 (GMT)

..I was gonna say great gig promo ..but yr not gigging there .. ;-)

# Posted by JUICY - 28/08/2017, 12:09 (GMT)

Do you know something I don't know? :-[)


# Posted by GEORGIA BROWNS - 30/08/2017, 17:51 (GMT)

Are there an unusually high (see what I did there) amount of Dwarves in Darwen? If so how many fingers do they have?


# Posted by JUICY - 30/08/2017, 18:07 (GMT)

Wow Gary,haven't seen anything of you in a long time!
In answer to your questions,there's only one particular Dwarf in Darwen (and he's a REAL muso),he has the standard (for Darwen and it's environs), issue of 7 fingers.

PS any chance of a gig sometime?


# Posted by GEORGIA BROWNS - 30/08/2017, 18:14 (GMT)

Only 2 more booked for this year John and then that's it. GB's will be retiring gracefully from the live music scene.


# Posted by Wizdom - 30/08/2017, 22:05 (GMT)

@ Gary sorry to hear the I had some great gigs at GB's with The Pleasers
thank you for all your support for live music wish you both all the best
in your next chapter! :)

Mike. x

# Posted by JUICY - 30/08/2017, 23:18 (GMT)

I think Wizdom has spoken for all the bands on here who have ever played at Georgia Brown's.
Thank you for having JUICY on when we were first starting out and good luck for the future.

John,Luke Endy and Wiggsy.

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