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Before this site comes to an end ...

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Posted By : 45s | Comments : 21

I would like to thank .....

Mr NWB Paul for this fantastic site.
All the Musos I've met over the years.
All the fantastic bands Me and the Missus have been entertained by.
All the venues that have booked The 45's again and again.
All the players that were part of The 45's Covers Band.
All the people that bought windows and conservatories off my Company.
And finally, the banter on here that at one time was hilarious.
R.I.P. Willow.
All the best,


# Posted by Mr Cottonhouse - 25/07/2017, 22:16 (GMT)

Here here!

# Posted by Wizdom - 25/07/2017, 22:20 (GMT)

Top Post Well said Rick and great to hear from you again :)

# Posted by mr.nwb - 25/07/2017, 22:32 (GMT)

Do I still qualify for nwb discount on windows?

# Posted by 45s - 26/07/2017, 09:29 (GMT)

@ NWB Paul

Absolutely, no probs pal.

# Posted by LAST GANG IN TOWN - 26/07/2017, 10:26 (GMT)

Well said Rick....Sad to see this site in decline.

# Posted by APRIL MOON - 26/07/2017, 11:47 (GMT)


# Posted by Laser Monkeys - 26/07/2017, 12:58 (GMT)

Right back at ya pal!

J x

# Posted by MICK NASH - 26/07/2017, 13:06 (GMT)

Couldn’t have put it better myself.
The end of an era.
Thanks to Mr NWB and best wishes to all NWB bands, venues & fans.

# Posted by Black Thursday - 26/07/2017, 18:39 (GMT)

Yes, agreed.......thanks

the closure will leave a big gap in the north west music scene.

# Posted by Jump the Shark (Andy) - 26/07/2017, 21:54 (GMT)

Yup. See you around folks. :)

# Posted by Alfie Ibbotsons Popular Beat C... - 27/07/2017, 09:11 (GMT)

Will be a massive miss. Tony -Alfie Ibbotsons Popular Beat Combo.

# Posted by JUICY - 27/07/2017, 15:29 (GMT)

Has anyone given any thought as to what Buddy and Hopkins are going to do now that they will be freed from the endless loop that they are presently caught up in?

BTW JUICY will be playing The Bowling Green Horwich as a tribute to NWB on the night that this site closes (Friday 1st September).

Juice (still not in favour with the real musos in Darwen)

# Posted by mr.nwb - 27/07/2017, 20:28 (GMT)

They'll be forever remembered :-)

# Posted by JUICY - 27/07/2017, 20:56 (GMT)

By not being a Tribute Band and always playing Blues they'd never get anywhere in any case.
Perhaps Number 39 would put them on but I never thought those two would be that desperate.

# Posted by G-IT-22 - 28/07/2017, 17:26 (GMT)

Good to see you & Ann at our jam @Bar110 & thanks to Paul for sustaining the site for so long ...cheers

# Posted by Hush - 28/07/2017, 19:07 (GMT)

I'm gonna miss you all and coming on here. Been a real pleasure.

# Posted by WAGONTOWN - 28/07/2017, 21:33 (GMT)

I've personally met everyone on this blog & many others 'Bar Jump Shark' & seen loads of bands of all genres i wouldn't have known existed if not for nwb.
99% of folk met on here became instant thinkalike friends after the first few words.
However nothing lasts forever and if a site materalises as good as this, give us a shout Rick. Especially the gig guide & profile bit, solved a few arguments with us has that haha.
The online diary, it's all we got apart from a few paper diary scribbles. Gonna have to start getting sensible.


# Posted by mr.nwb - 29/07/2017, 09:24 (GMT)

@juicey 'joe bonamassa has done quiet well just playing 'blues' and a load of covers. I'll probs go to say he's the best guitarist in the world of the modern era :)

# Posted by Phoenix - 29/07/2017, 10:40 (GMT)

Phoenix haven't been around for a while now, but we had the best ever 10 years.

We met a load of good friends on here and will miss every one of you.
Thanks to Paul for keeping this site alive and thanks to all you guys for supporting us at our gigs and for entertaining us at yours.
Keep the sun on your back and the wind in your hair, maybe, just maybe, we will see you again sometime?

So long,

Lloyd and the boys in Phoenix.

# Posted by Trinity - 02/08/2017, 13:04 (GMT)

Sad times,
this site and the people who have visited it made our time associated with it very memorable
and was a god send for advice, work and general Tomfoolery we shall miss it and you all.

All the best to everybody and Mr NWB, we wish everybody all the best for the future!

Be careful out there.

John, Steve & Graham.

# Posted by NIGHT TRAIN - 02/08/2017, 16:26 (GMT)

And I stayed on top of the CRP chart for years...annoying everybody...hahaha...
PS What was that all about?

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