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Friday NIght at The Fleece

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Posted By : LAST GANG IN TOWN | Comments : 9


Last Gang In Town
Live at The Fleece
Friday 28th July
21.30 start
FREE entry


# Posted by THE BURRITOS - 25/07/2017, 15:48 (GMT)

Hi Gary

I would check it out if i were you . If i'm not mistaken i am sure this place has shut down ! If i am wrong i apologise. If anyone else can add any info to this please do so . Don't want you guys to make a wasted journey there's nothing worse . All the best Mark

# Posted by Covered in punk - 25/07/2017, 15:54 (GMT)

I think they've turned, or are turning the building into flats? Definitely worth double checking..

# Posted by LAST GANG IN TOWN - 25/07/2017, 16:16 (GMT)

OK....Thank you.....I suspected as much.....Glad the good folks of NWB land are still on the ball.....

# Posted by Tex's bassbitch - 25/07/2017, 16:24 (GMT)

It's defo shut and boarded up Gary


# Posted by mr.nwb - 25/07/2017, 22:31 (GMT)

Deffo shut - all boarded up, unless things have changed in the last couple of weeks or so

# Posted by NIGHT TRAIN - 25/07/2017, 23:44 (GMT)

Been closed for a few months...we were the last band to play there

# Posted by LAST GANG IN TOWN - 26/07/2017, 10:37 (GMT)

OK.....Thank you all for your input....I'll take it the venue is closed and the gig is off.....
No wonder they didn't answer the phone or respond to messages.....
Shame venues don't inform bands when they close down.....How hard is it to put a blog on NWB explaining the situation....."Sorry but we've closed".....
I bet they inform the Gas, Electric, Water etc.....But Fuck the Bands....Right....
(Venues will now say "Well you never tell us when you split up".....)
Fortunately, most bands and venues are good, decent people who would hopefully do the right thing.....

# Posted by Black Thursday - 26/07/2017, 18:48 (GMT)

Good job you didn't turn up......you would have been the only gang in town !!

# Posted by THE POWER 3 - 26/07/2017, 20:14 (GMT)

Yes like Les said its shut and has been closed weeks ago. We live just down the road and drive past daily.

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