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Bass Player Wanted - Classic Rock - Blackburn

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Posted By : Bite The Bullet | Comments : 13

Bass Player Wanted - Classic Rock - Blackburn

5 piece classic rock band requires a bass player.

Must have own gear and transport, be experienced and committed to learning the set reasonably quickly (we don't like to practice unless we have to!). We are aiming to change some of the songs we do but Bon Jovi, Whitesnake, Thin Lizzy and The Cult are the backbone of the set.

We are based in the Blackburn area and are all in our 50s so this would probably suit a mature individual.

Have a look at our set list and if you're interested please send a message. Thanks


# Posted by JUICY - 19/07/2017, 18:21 (GMT)

Didn't you have a new one when you played at The Arden a couple of weeks ago?

# Posted by Bite The Bullet - 19/07/2017, 18:44 (GMT)

We did, unfortunately Steve's work commitments have meant that he's too busy to be in the band-it's a shame but that's life.

# Posted by JUICY - 19/07/2017, 22:36 (GMT)

That's my bet down then! ;-)

# Posted by Hadge Weller - 20/07/2017, 12:39 (GMT)

Wished I lived closer.....

# Posted by Back in Black ACDC Tribute - 20/07/2017, 19:52 (GMT)

One of the requirements was a car.
Do you have one Hadge?

# Posted by Bass-tard - 21/07/2017, 11:02 (GMT)

Giz a job.....

# Posted by Hadge Weller - 21/07/2017, 17:15 (GMT)

I do have a car, but I presume being Blackburn based, you rehearse there....

# Posted by Bass-tard - 21/07/2017, 21:51 (GMT)

giz a job, Blackburn based, more gear than reidys, car that works, know the set already, tons of gig contacts, very handsome, known throughout the NW as the Les Dawson of bass playing, what more could you want..........

# Posted by Bass-tard - 21/07/2017, 21:53 (GMT)

and 52 years young

# Posted by Back in Black ACDC Tribute - 23/07/2017, 12:00 (GMT)

Dont get your point Hadge.
You simply point your car towards Blackburn and go there.
Its not the other side of the world.

# Posted by Mr Cottonhouse - 23/07/2017, 16:56 (GMT)

Depends if he lives in Bacup...... that is pretty much the end (other side) of the world....

# Posted by Steve McCartney - 24/07/2017, 16:46 (GMT)

So you want a bass player but also a mature individual?

There's an oxymoron if ever I heard one.

# Posted by Bite The Bullet - 01/08/2017, 08:13 (GMT)

Vacancy Now Filled-Thanks to the guys that showed an interest

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