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Behringer x32 + s16 repair

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Posted By : ThePunkMonkeys | Comments : 4

Anyone know anyone?

Need a couple if repairs to the above kit. Behringer being behringer dont have thr best support! Its nothing major just a few connectors need replacing/looking at including ethernet port.

Its for a school so has to be able to be invoiced/purchase odered etc. etc.



# Posted by Howard - Sound and Light Produ... - 04/07/2017, 00:00 (GMT)

if it's under 3 years old and a manufacturing fault (i.e. not damaged by someone) it will be covered by 3 year warranty direct with music group, who own behri. if it IS mis use, music group are very reasonable with charges - in either case i would talk to muic group kidderminster.
Your sticking point may be if the school is LEA and can only cut cheques on receipt of invoice - a bit archaic these days - i have just had that with a school for a gig, a right pain.

on the x32, both cat5 ports are on the same circuit board and they are fixed directly to the board in the factory so it's doubtful a 3rd party would start mucking around with the board and guarentee a repair - they wold probably swap the board - which is what music group would do - they won't refurb a board.
the same thing is true for the boards which hold xlrs - but they are much cheaper.
it's likely an indipendent repairer will want to order new boards and certain music group would charge you for them outside warranty.

UK prices aren't easily available (POA) but as a guide the main pcb which contains the cat5 connections is $260 and the xlr input boards are $49 per set of 8. whether your chosen repairer buys the boards or an able bodied person buys them themselves, swapping them is straightforward, plenty of youtube videos though it is time consuming (a couple of hours for a pro - probably half a day for the likes of me!)

it's a similar story for the s16 but the motherboard is half the price.

a few additional points:
- if you have someone who repairs your analogue console they have the skillset to repair these but there simply won't be many people out there other than kidderminster who have done lots of repairs and if they don't know digital gear and don't know how to run the console they could be unnessasrily frightened. BUT it is going to take them a short while to get the parts.

- contrary to your comment, kidderminster's reputation for repairs is 2nd to none. it's the same guys who repair the midas kit, they generally turn around a repair in 10 days, never seem to gouge and have a lot of respect amongst the industry pros (more than some behri gear has!). If you haven't talked to them already, i would strongly suggest you or the school tech makes contact.

- if it's just stuck xlr's, there is a cheat on youtube to remove the xlr lock permenently, there are a lot of twits that yank on xlrs without disengaging the lock - so many that someone came up with a manouvre to remove the xlr locks - which can also be done more easily with a console strip down.

- if it's the cat5 on the soundcard rather than the console itself, then it's designed to be removed, doubtful they will repair it, £200 to replace but they come up on ebay all the time cheaper.

- if they have used a cat5 cable, not to spec you may find they have fried aes50 ethercon ports NOT the cat5 ethernet ports (they look similar to the untrained eye). they are on the same boards but will definately have board damage and they will definately need need board replacements but the interconnecting cabe will also need replacing - dependent on age there may just be a slim chance you can get part of that repair covered but the why's and wherefors are too complicated to go into here - ask for more details via facebook.

- there are a couple of decent facebook groups to help users with some british presence so if you ask there someone may no someone, somewhere in the country who has repaired - unlikely to be lucky enough to find one near home.

- if you need any more suggestions/info, you will find me on facebook howard tomlinson / S&L Productions. I know these console pretty well, have been working on them (my own and others) for 4 years - i have logged over 60 hours on them in the last 3 weeks alone - probably well into the thousands of hours at this point.

# Posted by ThePunkMonkeys - 04/07/2017, 09:33 (GMT)

Thanks Howard,

I did the trick of pulling the lock out off the video - just thought it best to have it working properly. It's a cat5e that is being used to connect and it does seem fine, I do have a cat6 reel - which comes with it which i may swap it to if its likely to be the wrong cable. I have switched it over to aes50B for now.

I had a feeling it would be a board of a job! Its a funny one as it feels like it doesn't connect in correctly and will flash red and what not but hold it in and it will stay red.

I suppose the mistake I make is to let kids use it! Mind you they have to start somewhere which is my thoughts on it!

# Posted by Howard - Sound and Light Produ... - 04/07/2017, 17:27 (GMT)

spec for aes50 cable is cat5e sheilded, ethercon ends, with continuity between ethercon shells. there is an issue using none sheilded cable. the s16 is designed to discharge static down the ethercon and the sheild. if there is no sheild or no connection between ethercon and sheild, it's possible to get a static charge killing the aes50 part of the board at either end.

I think a lot of people forget that a modern mixing console isn't a mixing desk, it's a computer with connections. i personally think music students should have access to both analogue and digital equipment - but then some damage is inevitable and i wouldn't want a more expensive console damaged!

# Posted by ThePunkMonkeys - 05/07/2017, 08:14 (GMT)

Very true!

I didn't know about the shielded to be fair - although it would make perfect sense, this spare cable from a reel i have which came the s16 isn't ethercon however - which is why i just used a long cat5e to be honest as it was more or less the same spec of cable. Although to be fair i could make it an ethercon without any real hassle which i may well do.

yes they are arent they thus coming with an inevitable processor/hardware fault at somepoint no doubt. I think the console is fantastic and for the money you really cant beat it. I do drag the old allen and heath 28 channel board for "how it used to be" moments

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