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In light of events

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A quick thought

No one should go through what happened last night.

Live music in any form/genre musn't stop or people fear to go

People have died for the henious crime of enjoying themselves. Bataclan and now close to home. Not to mention people persecuted/beaten even had fingers removed for playing metal music in certain countries!

I had the privilage of doing the sound saturday night for a charity night organised so that people with learning difficulties/disabilities have the chance of a 5* red carpet gala. Full of class - terry snowden did a marvelous job of giving people an opportunity they wouldnt normally have. It was at the lowry hotel round the corner from the MEN - take that wer playing there and staying at the same hotel that night.

Basically why attack people for simply enjoying themselves. The smiles on the faces on saturday night its not something ill forget it was great.

Events/live music brings so much to people... keep it that way!

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