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Fender Hot Rod de luxe guitar amp

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Might be for sale

I am thinking of selling my Fender amp as above. Black, 40watt valve amp with footswitch and Fender cover. I have had it for several years but hardly used it as I have been playing keyboards and now mostly bass! It is in pretty nearly new condition. I think I can find the manual (or rather instruction sheet!) too. I have a Roland Blues cube stage which I use in small venues anyway. The Hot Rod is of course loud!
If I do decide to sell it I would be looking for around £400 cash and the buyer should collect from Northwich - who buys an amp without trying it out?
Not sure yet but in case I do decide, anyone interested in making an offer? I would consider bringing it a reasonable distance if the buyer wants to really crank it up! I have never had it up more than 4 - it comes on at 2 and goes up to 12!
I don't often log in so please respond by email to musowiz@yahoo.co.uk.

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