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Acoustic/electric effects pedals

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For YoYo gigs (acoustic pop duo -plug!) I use either a Guild GAD 50 or, mainly now, a Martin DC16GTE into a Bose L1 PA. It's a bit flat and so I have been running it into the PA through a Roland microcube with acoustic setting, just a little bit of reverb (!) and a slight touch of chorus. That is all I want.However, it's a bit cumbersome.
I have been looking at various pedals via google; some don't have chorus and some are all singing/all dancing boxes which are more than I want or want to pay for!
Anyone got something to sell or can recommend a particular simple reasonably priced one? Fancied the Boss AD2 but no-one seems to have any in stock around this area and I won't buy anything without trying it first.
I would ask Mick Nash but I doubt he uses anything like that! He says no electronic effects in his promotions.


# Posted by The Monkeymen - 09/04/2017, 18:46 (GMT)

Speak to Richard Moss at Reidys in Blackburn, he was demo'ing Martin guitars yesterday through some effects, the sound was stunning. He's a real personable, helpfull chap.

# Posted by The Monkeymen - 09/04/2017, 20:38 (GMT)


Have a listen, he did other things with a tiddly pedal also.

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