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a few bits and bats for sale

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Boss micro br80,, Guitar tech digital tuner, Seiko sat500 chromatic tuner, Lehle 3at1 SGoS switcher

Boss br80 micro digital recorder boxed in very good condition £120

Guitar Tech chromatic clip on tuner unused £10

Seiko sat500 chromatic tuner £5

Lehle 3at1 SGoS switch pedal The high-quality Lehle 3 at 1 switches between three instruments while fully retaining the signal's quality. Uneven volume levels (line, magnetic, piezo, active, passive) are no problem at all - the two gain controls let you even it all out. What's more, the connectors and circuits of the Lehle 3 at1 are stereo, so you can send and receive mono and stereo signals. Guitar, bass, keyboard, active, passive.. it all goes!
Lehle 3 at1: three inputs, two outputs
Apart from three inputs, the Lehle 3 at1 offers two outputs, so you can switch between two amplifiers or an amplifier and a tuner, for instance. Press the left foot switch, and instrument A goes to output 1. Press it again to switch to output 2. In mode 2 (press all switches at once), a third push turns the pedal off. Mode 3 is for communicating with another
This item is boxed in good working order and condition, this is a very high quality product £82 (half what I paid for it)

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