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The death of the pub?

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Posted By : ThePunkMonkeys | Comments : 13

Upcoming changes

Read an interesting article for the increas in business rates for pubs in the next couple of years. Looking at nearly 20%. Not including wage increases and other increases obviously then comes the price hike in beer.

I cant help but wonder how people afford to go out week in week out these days. I feel sorry for landlords who have to factor all this in. And then really how can they afford to put live music on.

Personally i see the way live music is, the local establishments will have to change. I see more dedicated "live venues" selling door tickets as a way to pay - then swiftly closing of course. I cant see how the standard pub could afford to any other way.

Seems the demand for live music has increased when you ask people "oh yeah id rather see a live band than just kareoke bla bla bla" ok then would you pay ? "Erm....." kinda sums it up really.

Think the live music pub scene thing is going to die purely on affordability. So many livings rely on it both musician and publican but how can they can please each other with a dwindling audience - impossible


# Posted by THE ROB MARTIN BAND - 05/02/2017, 17:33 (GMT)

Venues are finding it hard and fees are already difficult
I've heard a few stories so far this year where venues are having to look harder at budgets. Everyone is feeling it

# Posted by WAGONTOWN - 05/02/2017, 18:54 (GMT)

Good point, I was talking to Rob Martin earlier on messenger and it's right, many venues are feeling the pinch these days. Is it just January/ February blues where people would rather stay at home? Or is it the death knell for us live acts?
A ticket admittance would definitely sort out who wants to see what.

Tel not of Chasing Shadows who's good blog was deleted.

# Posted by ThePunkMonkeys - 05/02/2017, 19:20 (GMT)

Ha tel!
My problem with tickets is everyone says they will... but how many actually do (im talking standard covers) full blown tributes do better out of this in my experience as do the theme nights type things you get at function places

# Posted by THE POWER 3 - 05/02/2017, 21:19 (GMT)

Micro Breweries seem to be the thing now where they brew their own beer on the premises that they own. Expensive to set up initially but in the long run quite lucrative. The Remedy Brewhouse Stockport is a prime example and a good venue. Places like that could probably replace the traditional pub while keeping live music going.

# Posted by Hush - 05/02/2017, 23:59 (GMT)

Some pubs are being sold off by the big chains and taken over by independants. These are doing well, and of course the bottom line is,not as many mouths to feed, in other words brewaries milking the pub dry. So the big brewarry chains will concentrate of the grub market 2 meals for tenner brigade, and the independants become freehouses, and free of the shackles and overheads that a brewary previously placed on their shoulders like a Millstone(theres a name) round their necks.

# Posted by GeorgesBigShed - 06/02/2017, 16:26 (GMT)

Well,just sat here feeling old & depressed & this has cheered me right up.

# Posted by Evenfall covers group - 06/02/2017, 17:30 (GMT)

I think it is getting harder for the smaller pubs to make the profit and it's showing in the amount they want to (or can afford to) pay the acts. We all know this makes a difference to the acts that are willing to play at those venues. We are a trio and so we are a bit cheaper than a big band but even we've been asked to drop our fees. For some nice venues we have but mostly we have an idea of what we want to earn and thats the fee we go for. It's working ok but if things continue with pubs and wine bars feeling the pinch and staying in being the new going out, then we might have to rethink. We do sometimes take a lower fee in return for more bookings, because we'd rather be working and earning money and dong what we love than staying in watching the tv. Let's hope the independent venues start to pop up all over and the micro pubs too so that live music gets a new lease of life. fingers crossed.

# Posted by ThePunkMonkeys - 06/02/2017, 18:32 (GMT)

I hope so too... there is a massive demand for live music in some ways its just that old dirty business of money.

To be fair i think the price if "proper" gigs has gone through the roof. Greenday the other month wanted 75 for some tickets?!! What the hell is that all about im not a huge fan but id like to see them but no way am i paying that for it!

Ive wondered if a venue is economically viable and to be honest without a massive investment upfront the answer is no not really

# Posted by THE ROB MARTIN BAND - 06/02/2017, 20:22 (GMT)

We have friends who have been asked to take a drop in fees. Most of the ones we play are at the just about okay level ( for us ) and not very far from not viable. We have a couple where we have just taken a view for various reasons but there is a level at which have to make a decision wether to play or not for no other reason than viability and with fuel and other costs rising we'll have to accept that We can't do some gigs at the moment

# Posted by Asa - 07/02/2017, 12:36 (GMT)

It's so subjective. Are you referring to the death of the pub, or the death of live music in pubs?

The pub will never die. People's tastes and behaviours change and pubs will move with the times e.g. foodie pubs, micro breweries etc.

It may sound controversial to some, but all I see is pubs that are not suitable and should never have been putting live music on in the first place failing. Primarily because they pay below average bands below average fees and have driven away their core customers.

I say it's a good thing. Let pubs get back to being pubs and let's see a revival of the music venue. The day of the bedroom rockstar band of 60 year olds banging out classic rock in front of their wives for a few beer tokens has come and gone. They just don't fill pubs any more.

The market is screaming out for professional bands that can attract an audience, but that comes at a price that pubs cannot afford.

Are pubs dying? No theyre changing.
Is live music in pubs dying? Yes
Is the live music scene dying? No

# Posted by ThePunkMonkeys - 07/02/2017, 17:45 (GMT)

Completely agree asa

Id love to be able to have a tailored venur accesible to all with good bands on. Maybe social clubs with big functiosn rooms should try a "rock night" per say, a ticketed event with quality bands on see how it would work. It is definately changing

# Posted by Mr Cottonhouse - 07/02/2017, 21:14 (GMT)

Whilst there are pubs in a town putting free live covers bands on then people people won't pay to watch covers pub bands. In Darwen, 'Level1Live' (formerly Marigolds) started to charge £5 on band nights but it didn't last very long.
Big chain pubs generally have no interest in live music.

# Posted by Dean (Drummer) - 08/02/2017, 00:25 (GMT)

Asa has a point.

5/6 years ago I was gigging every week in small back-street boozers for peanuts. Most of those are now closed or dying a slow death.

After an expensive year pissing around the UK with an original band, I recently joined a collaboration between two top cover bands with a healthy mixed bag of gigs in the diary....social clubs, brewery halls, beer festivals, parties, special events, awards nights, hotels, functions and weddings. It's opened up loads of new, top paying opportunities, with ghost town pubs no longer the bread & butter.

There's decent gigs out there, just gotta pop yer head up and look beyond your local.

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