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Alto PA speakers

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Posted By : Tex's bassbitch | Comments : 9

Anyone using them ?

Getting a bit sick of throwing Mackies in the bin cos' they can't be fixed, it's an expensive hobby.

We bought a second hand Alto TX12 powered speaker to get us through a couple of gigs when the Mackie went in to be pronounced DOA

Have to say we're quite impressed with it and are considering buying new ones as they come with a long enough warranty to see our band days out I would imagine..

Any thoughts or experience to help with this decision ?




# Posted by THE JACKSON KAY BAND - 05/02/2017, 16:00 (GMT)

Alto speakers are brill, we use the alto troupers for our acoustic gigs, and they are fantastic. Modern technology, lightweight and reliable. Would imagine their larger speakers are even better and at a fraction on the costs of mackies.

# Posted by ThePunkMonkeys - 05/02/2017, 16:17 (GMT)

Really good edpecially the blacks. Pricey but when you factor in buying a decent amplifier not too bad. I would recommend them

# Posted by Howard - Sound and Light Produ... - 05/02/2017, 16:33 (GMT)

alto TS range have a reputation well above their price point among smaller PA co's and theatre techs. well worth a punt. I have been happy the few times i have used them.
also think about thomann's the box achat range and of course the standard by which others are measured are the yamaha dxr range - will take much more hammer and have superior reproduction - at a cost of course.
the alto ts are changing over from 112 to 212 - upgrade and prettier box - but it means that ts112's can be had at handy money.
steer clear of EV ZLX series. too many issues to list here.

not to push you in another direction but there is a reason i and other pa companies often use passive boxes - a little more of a pain to set up possibly but rack amps tend to be much more robust AND take much more hammer - the amps in the back of any active kit are built at a cost and are shoehorned in. if you drive them hard or too hard, you are much more likely to get a problem with them than with a rack amp.
final thought - mackie thumps (i'm assumign that's what you have) are built to a lesser budget than their srm series. Lee of the Kasuals has a fleet of mk1 srm 450s that i work with occasionally - very rarely does he have a problem with them, i never have while using and issues such as they are relate to the drivers not the amps.

# Posted by G-IT-22 - 05/02/2017, 16:58 (GMT)

..Les, we use a pair of powered 10s and a 12 sub for me Three band ...be using them @Bar 110 jam tonight from 6:30 pm if you fancy having a look & listen ..

# Posted by Tex's bassbitch - 05/02/2017, 17:38 (GMT)

Thank you all for your input.

Ian I've been trying to get to your jam night since it started, just got loads going on at the minute pal.

# Posted by Tex's bassbitch - 05/02/2017, 17:45 (GMT)


The Mackie's we have are the srm 450's V2. One died, we just bought another second hand one at a cost of 200 quid and that's faulty. Luckily we could send it back, we chucked the Alto up in it's place on the night and it performed without fault.

I like the Mackie's but I'm just lost faith in them. Take your point about rack amps and passives but we're trying to make our l;ives easier pal.

# Posted by THE CHAIN - 05/02/2017, 18:43 (GMT)


# Posted by Jump the Shark (Andy) - 05/02/2017, 20:52 (GMT)

We've got 4 of the TS112A (two tops and two as wedge monitors as well as an Alto sub). Tops are great but the sub suffers from not letting me adjust the crossover frequency. We put vox and a tiny bit of bass drum through them and they do the job admirably. I can't compare them to the top end stuff as I haven't had the chance to hear the other gear. The ts212 range is getting even better reviews too.

Al is only round the corner from me, so if you're ever down his way you're welcome to drop by and check them out.


# Posted by Tex's bassbitch - 05/02/2017, 21:14 (GMT)

Thanks Andy, that's very kind of you. We've also had the same offer from the Laser Monkeys.

Chatting with Tex tonightI think we're going to give these things a whirl, we'll buy new with the 4 year warranty so hopefully we have some peace of mind. They're cheap as chips in comparison to the Mackies.

Heartened to see so many bands on here using a brand that I hadn't actually heard of till a couple of months ago.

Many thanks to all of you who commented.



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