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looking for blues players

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Posted By : ben murray | Comments : 2

in the east lancs area

Looking to put together a little three/four piece playing jazzy, bluesy stuff. Few old standards and some jamming.

TBH Im not looking to gig and not really looking to "practice" as such. Just want to find some competent players who can get together maybe once or twice a month. Thinking of it more like a jam session more than anything else.

I'm a guitarist. Obviously looking for drums and bass, would like to find a keyboard player if possible? Would be open to another guitarist - but someone decent who I can steal some tasty playing off.

Im in East Lancashire but happy to travel into Manchester area for a decent bunch of players. Not expecting much from this but give me a shout if you're interested.


# Posted by Rob Livesey Trio - 06/09/2016, 17:30 (GMT)

I'm just getting back into playing again after a back injury which has seen me out of action for the last 9 months. I stood in on two gigs at Colne festival with Danny Handleys band and it went really well.

I'm looking for something to get me back into it. Obviously, I'm a guitar player too, but if you do get something going, give me a shout.

Btw, are you the same Ben Murray on Facebook with a mutual friend in Max Cottam?


# Posted by TRIX - 06/09/2016, 19:28 (GMT)

Hmm, maybe!

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