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Posted By : AskAnyone | Comments : 5

Anybody got any recommendations ?

Looking for somebody to do some video/photo promo stuff.


# Posted by AMUSED - 31/08/2016, 23:45 (GMT)

# Posted by Wizdom - 01/09/2016, 01:09 (GMT)

Ther is a girl goes by the name of Tub thumper was doing videos and produced
some really good ones for a few bands.


# Posted by 5th Element - 01/09/2016, 11:49 (GMT)

This guy is TOPS - http://samuelandrewfenton.com/ He did all of our vids - check 'em out on our website here - www.5thelementrocks.co.uk :-)

Ann x

# Posted by Gin Pit - 01/09/2016, 12:42 (GMT)

You'd be hard pressed to find better vids than @5thelements (I'm sure they have been worth it Ann) and you don't get live footage like that on their Airbourne cover (love that one) very easily either!!

So another option to cost/evaluate would be GROOVE STUDIOUS, Burnley. Can't recommend Chris there highly enough. His studio is easily large enough to have a typical band all set up together and do a one-run through recording & video take. He uses half a dozen cameras and then edits it to the finished thing. The band's getting the vocals back through PA monitors (no headphones needed), so it's just like playing a live gig without the punters! But we've done some of those before anyway!?!


# Posted by AskAnyone - 01/09/2016, 17:09 (GMT)

Thanks everyone, nice few options there. Ken AA

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