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Gig review - Maximum Torque

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Posted By : Trinity | Comments : 3

The Pub - Lancaster - Sat 27th Aug 2016

Went to see Tim and the guys last Saturday night at one of my favourite venues
The pub Lancaster.

Myself and Graham ran into Mick and Ian at Whittles when Graham depped for Ian
of AIM a couple of weeks ago, and we got talking as to how we never seem to go to other bands gigs
a lot, so we arranged to go and see them on this particular night!
No Steve on this occasion as he was staying in and waxing his legs for some kind of Med cruise he was going on the following day?

As usual the Pub was pretty full and Hot and sweaty as it was a balmy Summers evening, Myself and the Current Mrs Synnott, joined by a couple from work, had partaken in some refreshments in the rest of the watering holes in Lancaster so by the time we met our drummer "G" man I was well oiled and ready to rock!

Have to say these guys did not disappoint me, great sound from the off really good balance and I could hear everything great choice of songs (have to say that as we do or did do half of them in our set)
well executed, great singer, all of them were great players in fact (love your bass sound Ian - don't go changing) , one of my favourite moments was when they played some Pink Floyd off Dark side of the moon, really nice - sound and chords spot on, great interplay between the two guitarists.

I was really getting into it,
when I was informed by my wife that we were going as her and Larraine thought it was too loud?????? and she had a headache!! so no staying till the end! bastard I thought, and it would also probably mean no bumping uglies later on? (sorry folks I know that is engrained in your minds now)
Cut down in my prime, what a shitter, never mind at least I was out.

Good band Maximum Torque try and get to see them if you can, and I know its really really overused this statement? but they really are nice guys - cant vouch for the singer and the drummer though as I never got to speak to them? but they must be? in fact I have no idea what the drummer looks like, as he was obscured by a wall where I was stood? the singer must be OK though as he was a really good slug balancer.

So there you have it, all the best to the Torques, I hope you did not get too wet packing up as the weather was shocking later on - it really pissed it down.

Take care guys see you soon when we get our fat arses into gear and get back on the road again!!



# Posted by MAXIMUM TORQUE - 01/09/2016, 14:48 (GMT)

Thanks for the review John its appreciated....I think its possibly the only review weve ever had! not bad after 100 years of playing...maybe we should change our name to the Bumping Uglies or the Slug Balancers instead...both highly appropriate.

PS Surprised you didn`t noticed the drummer, he`s about 6ft 10 with Ginger hair!

# Posted by viking - 01/09/2016, 20:28 (GMT)

@ maximum torque........ermmm- "..I think its possibly the only review we've ever had!"????? . am weeply, weeply, dounded there, dude. just because your cheque bounced for days last time. huh!! **viking slopes off, bottom lip trembling and huddles in the corner quite disconsolate**. :-( \m/

# Posted by MAXIMUM TORQUE - 02/09/2016, 12:08 (GMT)

Dear Viking...what I meant to say was..only review from the Pub in the last 100 years!.. :)
The fantastic Cricks reviews of yesteryear will forever be part of MT folk law.
Trust amendment has gone part way to ease trembling bottom lip

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