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Sat. just gone - Phabstock Festival Llandudno prom

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Y'know when birds won't leave you alone

Bizzare situation Saturday.

We were at the Phabstock festival on Llandudno front. As with all these things there is delays, over runs etc.

We arrived on time but there was a half hour delay in our set start time. So we went to get some sandwiches from the shop across the way and have them off stage whilst we listened to the band before us.

Bugger me we were attacked by a flock of seagulls (birds not the band), to an extend that our drummer suffered an inch long laceration to a finger and had to go see the chemist at Boots to see if he needed anything other than a paper stitch and a plaster. He was a very brave soldier and the gig went very well.

Sadly we have no video evidence of it, but I will post a vid of us getting a conga going along the prom, once I get it loaded.


# Posted by The Dawg - 30/08/2016, 13:05 (GMT)

You don't mess with those Gulls in Llandudno!! They are huge and evil at the same time. Seen them terrorising anyone with food!

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