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shite acoustic duo on tonight - red Lion Whitworth

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Posted By : THE JACKSON KAY BAND | Comments : 13

at the Red Lion Whitworth

Me and jack are doing our acoustic thing....its shite.....its not loud enough and there are no drums ffs!

the shiteness starts at 9pm and carries on till 11.30, then it stops....thank f*ck

(PS they say all publicity is good publicity!....this isn't.....it's shite).


# Posted by WAGONTOWN - 25/08/2016, 12:54 (GMT)

Ya never know, it might just get packed out with people pissed off with shite racket, once they find out summat differents on that is.


# Posted by THE JACKSON KAY BAND - 25/08/2016, 13:01 (GMT)

Will have to see Tel..

I hope so but I doubt it.... I think we will be shite

..... I've seen us!

# Posted by WAGONTOWN - 25/08/2016, 13:12 (GMT)

Good point Jacko, I've never seen us apart from Shite videos, which I hate btw. But then I've seen Shite videoes of Rock Bands, gone to see them at Queens Leyland and they've been great. Vids don't do them any favours at all.


# Posted by THE JACKSON KAY BAND - 25/08/2016, 13:23 (GMT)

I've seen us in real life....and we're f*cking terrible.....don't know why we keep getting booked.

You can come and see our acoustic shite for yourself if you like....were back at the Queens on the Sunday 27th November. (that's if they don't see this blog and cancel us after realising that we're shite afterall).

# Posted by WAGONTOWN - 25/08/2016, 13:30 (GMT)

Were gigging on sunday 27th ourselves, in fact we must be more Shite than you cos thatll be our 4th gig this weekend from tonight, so we must be absolute Shite.

Tel the smell.

# Posted by Chasing Crows - 25/08/2016, 14:57 (GMT)

LOL cool

# Posted by THE JACKSON KAY BAND - 25/08/2016, 15:31 (GMT)

27th November Tel ..........you don't get off that easily, come and have a listen, even if its for 5 minutes, (I've got to listen to myself sing all night and it sounds godaweful....there aren't even any 2k bass bins to drown it out with low end rumbling)

# Posted by WAGONTOWN - 25/08/2016, 17:11 (GMT)

November, Oh right. thatll make a change listening to a singer instead of hearing a Mickey Mouse whiny voice barely cutting through the racket like what we usually get from rock bands.


# Posted by THE ROB MARTIN BAND - 27/08/2016, 18:33 (GMT)

I think it's a cunning plan I think youre dead good and dead loud
In fact I think you're so good that people won't believe how good you are and the overwhelming loudness will draw people from miles around Maybe even from as far as Heywood

# Posted by ThatDawnOne - 28/08/2016, 02:43 (GMT)

What do you mean, no drums? I've seen your shite duo and you definitely had drums, as well as a foot tambourine. It was nice to see your shite full band and catch up with you as well last week by the way, Dan, but your jokes are still almost as bad as Tel''s x

# Posted by WAGONTOWN - 29/08/2016, 19:20 (GMT)

Bollox, did ya know there's twice as many eyebrows on this site than there is people?

Tel the walking Filofax.

# Posted by Tristar Artist Management - 04/09/2016, 15:04 (GMT)

Hey guys - I'm always looking to add shite duo's to our books!

Please get in touch if you'd like to be included





07784 164512

# Posted by THE JACKSON KAY BAND - 04/09/2016, 16:12 (GMT)

Hey Tristar, if you are looking for a shite duo then look no further we are the shite duo for you.

Will send you some details of the shite stuff we do!

Cheers Dan

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