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do you read it?

I'm wondering how popular the gig guide is on here. I know some bands religiously update their gig list, but does anyone actually read it, and then go on to go to the show?

(i'm one of the many setting out to take over the NWB mantle, and wondered if this was a useful feature to implement!).


# Posted by Rumble Fat Band - 24/08/2016, 16:08 (GMT)

I get the impression that the Gig Guide is probably the one thing that is needed more than anything.
That said, "what mantle"? NWB isn't now closing. Paul has anounced plans to put in some development time and re-build NWB.
About 2/3 of the way down on this blog.

# Posted by Tex's bassbitch - 24/08/2016, 17:00 (GMT)

It's a good resource and I do use it, if everyone left it at that and didn't fill the main board up with their upcoming gigs (my band is as guity as any for this) it would be an improvement in my opinion


# Posted by FALLEN ANGELS - 24/08/2016, 17:23 (GMT)

i always look where other bands are playing, and who is local but we never post our gigs on there.

# Posted by Mr Cottonhouse - 24/08/2016, 17:45 (GMT)

It used to get a lot of traffic and so it should, there is always plenty of gigs on there.

# Posted by AMUSED - 24/08/2016, 18:44 (GMT)

Yeah if we have a free night we check it and head on out.

# Posted by Daz Dean - 24/08/2016, 18:57 (GMT)


# Posted by WAGONTOWN - 24/08/2016, 19:24 (GMT)

The gig guide is the one and only reason most members come on here. You just have to look at the gig guide member postings/updates as opposed to the blogs and comments to see that.
Now they even use it to advertise open mic nights, whether that is a good thing or not remains to be seen.
Meanwhile I've jumped on the bandwagon myself and started to advertise our fortnightly event at The Queens Leyland. If members don't like it, the blog section is there to have a good moan innit.


# Posted by Sky Tigers - 24/08/2016, 21:21 (GMT)

I post ours & yes i read it

# Posted by Roj (Black Rose) - 25/08/2016, 10:18 (GMT)

I read it, if we're not gigging I'll always have a look to see who's on and where if we fancy a night out.

# Posted by ALIBI - 25/08/2016, 12:02 (GMT)

I read the gig guide either to see what the opposition is at any nearby venues, or if I've got a night off, who do I go and see.

# Posted by WAGONTOWN - 25/08/2016, 12:57 (GMT)

So you use gig guide to suss opposition Andy Alibi? You saw us one night, yet yer still playing..lol


# Posted by JUICY - 25/08/2016, 13:25 (GMT)

I don't give a toss who's on anywhere else,all I need to know is where I'm playing and that no-one else is playing at the same place.
BTW we're being really clever and are playing two ( yes, two) gigs this weekend.
one is at The Mill Hill WMC in Blackburn on Saturday and the other is at The Craven Heifer Darwen on Sunday.
Gig guides - who needs 'em?

And Tel is at Number 39 in Darwen tonight.


# Posted by WAGONTOWN - 25/08/2016, 13:38 (GMT)

That's Stu and the boys, as one pub prefers to call us haha. He took a fancy to him.
Come down and give us a good slagging off on here tomorrow Juice, we can take it.

Just a point I'd like to make. About 4 years ago we did a crap gig in Accrington, only about 4 punters in, but we gave it our best shot anyway. We are doing a private bash for one of the 4 on sat, so it just goes to show, never say die.


# Posted by JUICY - 25/08/2016, 15:41 (GMT)

@ TEL,
Bloody hell pal,read your own gig guide you're on tonight not tomorrow!
I'll see you tonight (outside the joint).


# Posted by GEORGIA BROWNS - 25/08/2016, 16:36 (GMT)

Every week. How else would I know where to go and where to avoid.


# Posted by WAGONTOWN - 25/08/2016, 17:06 (GMT)

I know it's tonight Juice, I said slag us off tomorrow ffs. You won't hear us outside anyway, were dead dead quiet. No big bins, you can actually hear our words, when I get em right that is.


# Posted by JUICY - 25/08/2016, 17:44 (GMT)

OOPS sorry Tel,I genuinely misread it.
I promise I'll slag you off tomorrow.
I'll be around there hoping to beg some kudos off the Musos who frequent the place at around 7.

# Posted by MikeySQ1 - 26/08/2016, 10:41 (GMT)

Yes I look at the gig guide to see who's on locally when I'm not gigging, it's an extremely useful part of this site.

The downer with it though, is that it's fixedly tethered to the various bands' own gig lists in their profiles, so unfortunately that means the gig guide itself becomes cluttered & clogged with all the "unavailable anywhere", & "band holiday" entries. Similarly this means the 'recently added gigs' list also has this problem. If this could be solved it would be a very marked improvement

Les, from Tex's hard troops, said somewhere above.....

....."It's a good resource and I do use it, if everyone left it at that and didn't fill the main board up with their upcoming gigs (my band is as guity as any for this) it would be an improvement in my opinion


I agree with Les on this, our band have played 18 gigs this year, but we've only started topics on the main blog page for 7 of those gigs. As all the gigs are on the gig guide, we don't feel the need to start a blog topic for every gig. That's what the specific 'gig guide' section is there for???

Then there's the scenario when a band may have 3 gigs on a weekend, surely 1 blog topic for the 3 gigs will suffice?? Cheese Puff Death Squad seem to have this approach, nice one dudes. :) Starting a separate blog topic for every gig on the weekend seems a bit against the spirit of the community to me?? There are so many bands/artists here, going about their business, so starting unnecessary multiple topics & knocking other people's equally important topics down the board seems a tad off to me, & again, against the spirit of the community??

Just sayin'..............

Or, as a few cheeky individuals have said a few times, is it all really just about the CRP list :) snigger


# Posted by WAGONTOWN - 26/08/2016, 13:19 (GMT)

Couldn't agree more Mikey sq. Why they can't put their 'unavailable dates' on their profile instead if clogging up the latest gigs column is beyond me. Surely venues read the profiles and will see any bad dates.
Atfer saying that, at least the Last Shout Brigade seems to be in decline.

Tel of (Seen By Juice) Fame.

# Posted by WAGONTOWN - 26/08/2016, 13:21 (GMT)

Could've sworn I saw you with a pint at the bar Juice, then you vanished. Thought it was summat we sang :0)

Tel of Lost in Oldham fame.

# Posted by JUICY - 26/08/2016, 13:30 (GMT)

Which reminds me.
Last Shout For Juicy at The Mill Hill WMC Blackburn this Saturday and The Craven Heifer Darwen on Sunday.

Juice of ( Seen by Tel ) fame.

# Posted by WAGONTOWN - 26/08/2016, 17:26 (GMT)

Talk about out senility Juice, I've commented on the wrong blog 2 or 3 times now over the last few months, my above comment shoulda been on Wagontown-Thursday blog. Dohh.
Aprat from that, I'm getting chauffeured to the gig tonight so it won't be (Tel of lost in Oldham fame) after all.

Tel of (I know it's somewhere near Huddersfield fame)

# Posted by JUICY - 26/08/2016, 19:27 (GMT)

That's not senility Tel,that's vibrations from your Bass loosening things up in your head.

Juice ( of stuck in on my tod in the house fame )

# Posted by ThatDawnOne - 28/08/2016, 02:39 (GMT)

I use it a lot; I see at least 2/3 bands a week and although I normally go to the same couple of pubs, it's handy to know what else is on in the surrounding area in case I fancy a change

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