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Anyone seen the singing naturist yet??

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Posted By : Hush | Comments : 2

I think she's playing here on friday. Loves to sing in the nude, great voice as well.

LOL got yu!!!
Hush live Cross Axes Great Harwood. Friday 5th August. not played there.
Anybody played there??????


# Posted by Wizdom - 03/08/2016, 20:21 (GMT)

Use to be a great venue years ago probably still is not played there in years
so don't know if it's changed or not.
You can either play off to the side facing the bar between the pillars or we sometimes set up over in
right hand corner far end of room, we even did out door gigs there but I think he got complaints!

Hope this is of some help.


# Posted by ThatDawnOne - 04/08/2016, 15:41 (GMT)

Saw Tex there a few weeks ago and he or Les will probably be able to help you out more with info about what it's like to play but it was a decent enough place to watch from, apart from a bloody big column blocking the view from half the pub. Apparently the 'good' kebab shop shuts at midnight but nobody died from eating at the dodgy looking one at Ray's.

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