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2016 strikes again

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Posted By : DLS Warrington | Comments : 6

and how

to quote one of my favourite albums..... Who's Next?

It is with sadness that we announce the passing of our lead guitarist Graham, after a courageous battle with Mesothelioma.

He was an amazing musician, and an amazing guy who had a heart of gold. He will be sorely missed by us as a band mate and a friend.

We all send our love to Karen, Dan, Vicky, Dom, Adam, and the rest of his family.

We would also like to thank Steve (Havoc 51), Stu (Urban Gorilla), G (Subhuman Race) and BigE (Zero Gravity) for helping us out while Graham was out of action.

Who knows what the future holds for us. We won't be making any decisions just yet.
But we will be appearing at the Leigh Arms, Acton Bridge tonight (with Stu from Urban Gorilla) and hopefully breaking a few strings in his memory.

Jam in peace, old friend.


# Posted by Urban Gorilla - 28/07/2016, 08:31 (GMT)

Lovely words. Rest In Peace Graham


# Posted by Bobo - 28/07/2016, 09:56 (GMT)

Very sad to hear this. I saw the band once about 5 years ago and am hoping to catch them tonight (all being well) at the Leigh Arms tonight. Graham was very good and I had a brief chat with him afterwards. Nice guy.

# Posted by Wizdom - 28/07/2016, 10:13 (GMT)

R.I.P. Graham! condolences to all family and friends!

# Posted by Tex's bassbitch - 28/07/2016, 11:57 (GMT)

Sad news

condolences from me and the other Troubadours


# Posted by Andy McCormack - 28/07/2016, 19:22 (GMT)

Sad news. Sorry to hear of your loss. May I extend my sympathy to all who knew him.

# Posted by Havoc 51 - 29/07/2016, 12:33 (GMT)

As we said earlier Dave. The thought and prayers of the three of us are with Graham's family, friend and band mates. we often looked at playing together but for various reasons it never happened and that was indeed a shame.

Personally I remember the feeling of having to step in for the couple of times I helped out when he was poorly 18 months - 2 years ago. Very big shoes to fill and you had to be on top of your game to keep the standard up that he set. Great musician, great bloke.

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