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Get Ruined @Hindley Arms this satnite !!!

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Posted By : MOTHERS RUIN | Comments : 7

classic rock & more ..!!!

Hindley Arms Market st Hindley 9pm


# Posted by Daz Dean - 21/07/2016, 13:58 (GMT)

More what?
Classic rock?

# Posted by WAGONTOWN - 21/07/2016, 17:34 (GMT)

Haha, maybe Shovin a couple of Bluegrass classics in.
It's the way forward.


# Posted by MOTHERS RUIN - 22/07/2016, 13:01 (GMT)

We do a song that's only 10 year old so not classed as classic yet .... No probs Tel ..ill pick a couple off my Ricky Scaggs albums ...see you at Queens Sunday where will be rock godding with AIM ..:-)

# Posted by JUICY - 22/07/2016, 19:57 (GMT)

Some of the songs that some bands on here do could be regarded as Antique, never mind Classic.

Juice of JUICY (who are at The Brown Cow tomorrow night)

# Posted by MOTHERS RUIN - 22/07/2016, 22:58 (GMT)

........I cannot lie Juice of Juicy playing at Brown Cow satnite ....!!!

# Posted by JUICY - 22/07/2016, 23:20 (GMT)

Ha,ha,very good,O band of Oedipus complex issues.

Juice etc.

# Posted by MOTHERS RUIN - 22/07/2016, 23:30 (GMT)

.i presume yr relating to Freuds oedipal complex of fancying mum leading to homosexuality....i used to fancy my mates mothers ...which left to some uncomfortable moments after parties in my late teens ... Mothers Juice

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