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Official Site Closure Notice

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Posted By : mr.nwb | Comments : 194

Yep, it's true - NWB is closing

Hi NWB'ers

Just wanted to let everyone know that the current NWB site will be closing.

The site will continue to run in a "closed community" mode for the foreseeable future. Which means, that no new member accounts can be created. This will come as good news to some, as it means "no more spammers" (Yippee!)

During this "closed community" period, you have the time to archive/save any gigs/blogs/messages you may wish to keep. When the site is taken "offline" the database will be trashed, and any personal data deleted.

Accounts with 5 or less CRP points, and dormant accounts have already been deleted.

The Facebook and Twitter account will continue to be active, soo feel free to "like/follow" the relevant social network account for future news on anything NWB related

On a personal note, I would just like to thanks to all the bands/venues/fans that made the site what it is. NWB has a been a huge part of my life, and I think now is the right time to say "night night".

God Bless!


# Posted by Tony @ Interfuture - 12/07/2016, 18:58 (GMT)

is there no way that some members of the "community" can take the site over ?

I know there have been numerous offers to do so ??


# Posted by WAGONTOWN - 12/07/2016, 19:01 (GMT)

Good luck with any future projects. You've done us (Wagontown) proud over the last 4-5 years. As for the spam, it never personally bothered me, ive got a scroll wheel on me mouse.
Ayn venues past present or future can contact us on our Facebook page.

# Posted by mr.nwb - 12/07/2016, 19:03 (GMT)

I think you need to read the blog post more carefully :-)

# Posted by Roj (Black Rose) - 12/07/2016, 19:23 (GMT)

What a shame, well done though Paul and good luck.

# Posted by Mark L - 12/07/2016, 19:51 (GMT)


# Posted by NIGHT TRAIN - 12/07/2016, 20:05 (GMT)

Can I cash my CRP's in? Have you got a catalogue or something I can browse?


# Posted by NIGHT TRAIN - 12/07/2016, 20:06 (GMT)

where is NWB facebook??

# Posted by mr.nwb - 12/07/2016, 20:16 (GMT)

Social profile page links are in top right :)

# Posted by THE STAN'S - 12/07/2016, 20:38 (GMT)

I was just about to do my annual arthritis blog ..lol !!

Seriously though I can understand where you're coming from & need a break !!

Feel sad though as I've poured my heart out to folks on here over the years and well it's been a big thing for a lot of people on here for a long time...

Good Luck Paul & put your feet up xxx

# Posted by Black Thursday - 12/07/2016, 20:45 (GMT)

Real shame that it appears this resource will be lost, unless there is a new nwb site coming.......as mr nwb says......"current NWB site will be closing"

# Posted by FALLEN ANGELS - 12/07/2016, 20:53 (GMT)

such a shame. It's a great forum for sharing information and views, looking at what other bands are doing. and also getting gigs from venues.

Thanks for all you've done to enable this to happen over the years, It will be a great loss.


# Posted by WAGONTOWN - 12/07/2016, 20:57 (GMT)

I put a gig add on ' what I think is' NWB Facebook page half an hour ago, and it's disappeared already..lol.

Some great moderators on there.


# Posted by A.k.A Punk - 12/07/2016, 21:10 (GMT)

All the best mate....You created something quite unique, and i don't think there is anything else around at the moment that will take its place, but its been a good ride.


# Posted by Wizdom - 12/07/2016, 21:36 (GMT)

Best site on the net with or without spam will miss it a lot it's been a great experience
for me and my band personally!

I wish you all the luck you can get for future projects!

Mike and the boys from Wizdom.

# Posted by George - 12/07/2016, 22:05 (GMT)

Hello Mr NWB

I really enjoyed the site and the community. I've met several people via the sight, some of which I now consider my closest friends. As someone else suggested, would you be open to rent or sell the site/domain name to the community members?

# Posted by JUICY - 12/07/2016, 22:05 (GMT)

Bad news indeed,now I'll have to see Gary Cottonhose more often outside his Kraal in Darwen so that I can educate him about Jazz and other such nonsense.

Best of luck from JUICY ( Darwens' No.1) and personally from me,Juice.

Find us on Facebook under Juicy (no quotation marks)

# Posted by ThatDawnOne - 12/07/2016, 22:08 (GMT)

Met some fantastic people through this site, some of them now friends for life, whether they like it or not. I'll be sorry to see it go. Now what am I supposed to do with all these Fifa coins?

# Posted by The Kerbcrawlers - 12/07/2016, 22:10 (GMT)

I have a message board that I have built last week. I have just changed the names of the forums to reflect NWB categories.

If anyone would like to join, there will never be any charge / adverts / spam etc..


# Posted by The Kerbcrawlers - 12/07/2016, 22:15 (GMT)

Paul's done a magnificent job so far. I had the pleasure of meeting him once at a pub in Burnley, when he presented me with a NWB t-shirt. Lovely guy. Thanks for everything Paul.

# Posted by Steaming Richard (bass) - 12/07/2016, 22:27 (GMT)

Thanks for everything, it's been a fantastic resource, shame but things do come to an end.


# Posted by mr.nwb - 12/07/2016, 22:32 (GMT)

@wagontown - there are no moderators on the Facebook account. So guess you messed up by not pressing send or summut

# Posted by jmc - 12/07/2016, 22:33 (GMT)

So sorry to hear this news. The site has been a credit to you Mr NWB.

I don't know how long I have been on this site, but I must have used it almost every week.

Good luck with whatever you choose to do, and enjoy your well earned break.

# Posted by mr.nwb - 12/07/2016, 22:36 (GMT)

@ian does the t-shirt still fit? And I bet you're one of the few who remember Lancashirebands.co.uk :) you were the catalyst for the change of domain as you noted Bolton wasn't technically in Lancashire :)

# Posted by Mark L - 12/07/2016, 22:42 (GMT)

Until Paul decides to put together North West Bands Part Deux (the return), you're very welcome to pop along here: http://nwb2.createaforum.com/general-discussion/

# Posted by The Kerbcrawlers - 12/07/2016, 22:49 (GMT)

Hi Paul, Hope my doing the new forum is ok with you. http://ccgi.crazeeworld.plus.com/phpBB3/index.php

The t-shirt is a little tighter these days!
Though I've had a bit of health-related weight loss recently, which may see me out in it again.

# Posted by WAGONTOWN - 12/07/2016, 22:51 (GMT)

The post was def on the page, someone else saw it and commented. But just in case, I'll try again.


# Posted by Fanny Oakley - 12/07/2016, 23:03 (GMT)

fab site, fab resource, fab people and friends for life in some cases - enjoy your break Paul its certainly well deserved!

# Posted by mr.nwb - 12/07/2016, 23:04 (GMT)

@Ian - yeah sure go for it. Although NWB will be sticking around as it currently stands for the foreseeable. The site just wont be accepting new accounts.

This grace period will give people time to take off any messages/blogs/comments they want.

I'm hoping to at least keep a snapshot of the "public" side of the site, for archive purposes. Was hoping the library/music journo, could make use it all, possibly.

# Posted by Bobo - 12/07/2016, 23:48 (GMT)

As a regular reader and occasional blogger since I came across the site a few years ago, thanks for running it and deleting the spam from time to time. Like Tel, I just scrolled past the spam but it was getting to be a nuisance.
Well done.

# Posted by mr.nwb - 13/07/2016, 00:02 (GMT)


...."deleting the spam from time to time"...

Site's been running for over 10 years... Feels like I've shifted more spam, than a spam factory :-)

Glad you enjoyed the ride.

# Posted by G-IT-22 - 13/07/2016, 00:22 (GMT)

Sorry to see you go Paul..we go back along way ..thanks for the site and the fun (we used to have ;-) )

# Posted by Alfie Ibbotsons Popular Beat C... - 13/07/2016, 01:24 (GMT)

A job well done Mr NWB Im so Sorry to hear this. I've been a member of this site since I came to the NW in 2011. Its been a fantastic resource . I've met many folk from the NW because of it. I've just met up with Mark today through this site hopefully to do a second show for later in the year. NMB is going to be a very sad loss indeed.
Tony :-(

# Posted by Laser Monkeys - 13/07/2016, 09:22 (GMT)

I have to say that without this site Laser Monkeys (and Northern Riot before us) would not have had NEARLY as much success as we have - we owe a big thank you to Paul and everyone on this site. It is incredibly sad that we have reached the end of the road but I personally have made some great friends through this website.


# Posted by TheEdge159 - 13/07/2016, 09:38 (GMT)

many thanks Mr NWB - I created my current band thanks to this site finding our drummer and new guitarist, plus many contact numbers for gigs. The site has been very much appreciated.


# Posted by The Kerbcrawlers - 13/07/2016, 09:49 (GMT)

Paul - Can you put a link to www.nwmusicians.co.uk at top right please?


# Posted by By Appointment only band - 13/07/2016, 10:39 (GMT)

does that mean we can not see wagon town always ranting yipppeeeeeee?

# Posted by The Dawg - 13/07/2016, 13:18 (GMT)

Only lurked about on the blog over the years but used the site as a great resource for checking live band/gig information. Really like the format and it will be shame if it does actually close. (Maybe a bit like Brexit, it will/won't happen)

Thanks for all the effort though Paul.

# Posted by The Fuse - 13/07/2016, 13:55 (GMT)

It was absolutely great while it lasted. It's a shame you couldn't just hand the reins over to one of the many who would happily keep it running, but hey, thanks anyway.


Peace and love.


# Posted by Roj (Black Rose) - 13/07/2016, 14:53 (GMT)

When is the site closing Paul?

# Posted by Graham - Mustard - 13/07/2016, 15:43 (GMT)

Good luck Paul and thanks for the site. It served JM well and personally speaking I have made loads of friends off here (and enemies lol)

Take it easy buddy

# Posted by ALIBI - 13/07/2016, 16:26 (GMT)

So sad to hear this news. A big thank you for all your hard work.

# Posted by Andy (Asylum) - 13/07/2016, 18:36 (GMT)

Really sad to hear of the site closure . We have found it invaluable during our time on it . We have never met you but thanks for the hard work we know you must have put in . If you ever happen to be at one of our gigs come on over. I'm sure we could stretch to a pint or two . Regards Tony and Andy ( Asylum )

# Posted by THE ROB MARTIN BAND - 13/07/2016, 19:50 (GMT)

It's been massively helpful to us too since we started back in bands again in 2013 having NWB around is ( or was ) a whole lot easier than years ago. Used to get the loot newspaper to look for new band members. Does anyone remember posting yr gigs off to Teletext ? Used to get a free mention in the MEN gig guide of a weekend ha ha

# Posted by THE STORIES ,The very best! of... - 13/07/2016, 19:54 (GMT)

Thanks for you dedicated time & energy Paul in introducing Northwest bands to us all .
NWBs has been a great tool for bands & venues & audience alike.
This valuable site will be missed dearly by everyone .
We The Stories wish you all the best in the future ,without NWBs we truly wouldn't be the band we are today .
A big THANKs

The Stories

# Posted by The Arden Inn - 13/07/2016, 21:55 (GMT)

Such a shame and a fantastic place to be part of in fact a god send, a massive thanks to NWB Creators and to all involved in running it, I don't think the North West music scene will be as it is today with out NWB - All the very best for the future and once again thanks a million for all the years of fun, music, talent and support that all Bands, Venues and Fans that NWB has given us all. _ Mark The Arden Inn Accrington

# Posted by Phoenix - 13/07/2016, 22:38 (GMT)

Served Phoenix well, thanks to you Paul, a thankless job at times, will miss everyone.


# Posted by THE STORIES ,The very best! of... - 14/07/2016, 01:49 (GMT)

The Stories Facebook official thanks .
News in that the Northwest Bands website is closing down soon .
The Stories have been part of the Northwest Bands for many years now & it has been a great tool for audiences enabling them to check out bands ,venues & gig dates & also for us as a band to stay in touch with venues & other bands who we have made really good friends with over the years :)
The Northwest Bands site is now a closed website for any new wishing to join & will stay open as a community site for the people already joined for the time being .
The Northwest Bands Facebook site will still remain open .
We wish Paul who has ran the Northwest Bands site for many years all the best in the future & we will continue with all of our gig up dates on this our Facebook site ....THANXS PAUL XX http://nwb.co/

# Posted by EDEN ( Ashton under Lyne ) - 14/07/2016, 07:40 (GMT)

Sorry to hear it, ( Where are we going to get our 17 FIFA coins now ) like every site spoilt by scammers / spammers, Mike Dolbear drum site suffered the same crap, Good luck Ian,

# Posted by WAGONTOWN - 14/07/2016, 18:21 (GMT)

So do we get to find out when the plugs finally being pulled? I've still a few bones of contention with one or two up themselves self righteous bigots on here :0)


# Posted by Asa - 14/07/2016, 19:07 (GMT)

I've written no less than seven different responses to this blog. And deleted them all.

I can't seem to find the right words, but what I will say is this.........

Let NWB close down with some fucking dignity.

# Posted by WAGONTOWN - 14/07/2016, 19:19 (GMT)

Oooof, pass me the Germolene, been zapped yet again with a cyberbolt outta the blue.
Just in case I don't get the chance again Asa...KNOB OFF.


# Posted by Asa - 14/07/2016, 19:30 (GMT)

Do you see all the people writing nice comments about NWB and what it's meant to them?

And then do you see your comment about pulling the plug and having "bones of contention".

It's not about you mate. It never was. Let it go.

# Posted by DLS Warrington - 14/07/2016, 19:30 (GMT)

2016 claims another musical victim.....

Bowie, Prince, Swarb, Wogan, Glenn Frey, Mack Rice, etc etc

and yet Bieber still roams free
there's no justice

# Posted by viking - 14/07/2016, 19:36 (GMT)

Goodbye and thanks for all the fish. say "farewell" to mrs nwb for me and thanks for that mother of all parties we had back in the day. \m/ :-)

# Posted by Jump the Shark (Andy) - 14/07/2016, 19:43 (GMT)

Helped us get started and get our first gigs. Thanks a lot to Paul and everyone we've met along the way. See you somewhere and sometime else!


# Posted by Recycled Teenagers - 14/07/2016, 19:46 (GMT)

This is a huge blow to the local music community, bigger than perhaps some of us realise.

I don't know Paul or why he has decided to close the site. I would be happy to take on the responsibility of running and hosting the the site should Paul be willing to port it over.

I really hope we can find a way of continuing this awesome resource.


# Posted by WAGONTOWN - 14/07/2016, 20:28 (GMT)

I think my question was quite valid under the circumstances, you're the one who came on effing and blinding.
Aprat from that, Cmon musos, let's get Mr NWB in the Community Gold before it disappears, unless some shit stirring Pratt wants to misinterpret that too.


# Posted by HARD TO HANDLE - 14/07/2016, 21:11 (GMT)

Hi Paul

not sure why everyone is congratulating you when it seems you could keep it going with an admin............

delete the crap accounts and make it that any new ones have to be approved first?

apart from the spam there's no issue's with the site......... works well

HtH x

# Posted by Andy (Asylum) - 14/07/2016, 21:18 (GMT)

from reading the original post it dosnt say nwbs is closing it only says the current nwbs site will close does this mean theres more to come hope so???????

# Posted by The others - 14/07/2016, 21:43 (GMT)

Gutted sorry to see it go.Met some great people on here.The lads from Monday night Nwb footy are a brill set of lads.Also had a few few gigs off here.
Would be great if you could stay open?but all good things must come to an end.

# Posted by Wizdom - 14/07/2016, 23:09 (GMT)

I would be willing to donate to keep this site going!
anyone else with me on that one?

# Posted by mr.nwb - 14/07/2016, 23:10 (GMT)

Was a difficult decision to make, especially knowing that NWB is the main central hub for many bands and venues. People depend on NWB, more than they know, and it's only now, we will truely see whats going to happen.

NWB brought a huge amount of pressure and anxiety to my life, and simply handing over the reigns to "someone who think they can do it", is not something I would wish on anyone lightly. Over the past 10/12 years, I've seen many others try and fail. Who remembers Cheese Press? Prestone? Blackpoolbands?... and now NWB joins them.

NWB hasnt even been announced as "Officially offline" and we've already got Ian on the case with a new NW forum, and someone offering "band profiles", so I'm confident that there's a happy ending for us all :)

# Posted by Wizdom - 14/07/2016, 23:15 (GMT)

I would definitely prefer this site to keep going!

# Posted by LeFunk! Soul/Disco/Funk Party/... - 14/07/2016, 23:28 (GMT)

A real shame but just wanted to say thank you for having created such a great communications hub for us all. Hope you have a stress free future ..... and be proud of what you created!

# Posted by VANKWISH - 15/07/2016, 00:11 (GMT)

Well done Mr NWB.
Again one of the many people who have said what a great site this is. And I for one will defo miss it.
Had the pleasure of meeting fellow musos and made loads of friends.

All the best in future ventures Paul.

# Posted by Sonic Waves - 15/07/2016, 08:16 (GMT)

Thank you for all your work and good luck for the future.

# Posted by Hadge Weller - 15/07/2016, 11:21 (GMT)

Thank you Mr NWB for all your hard efforts over the years to present an interesting and important site for Bands and Muso`s to enjoy.

# Posted by ben murray - 15/07/2016, 13:17 (GMT)

Best wind up EVER

# Posted by THE POWER 3 - 15/07/2016, 14:28 (GMT)

It's been a very useful site for us. Good luck in the future.


# Posted by GEORGIA BROWNS - 15/07/2016, 15:41 (GMT)

NWB has been part of my everyday reading for the last 8 years. I will miss the banter, the arguments, the characters, and even the gobshites who helped make it what it is. Good luck going forward Paul in whatever you choose to do. Thanks for the ride...It was great.

Gary n Ali.

# Posted by Daz (scopyons) - 15/07/2016, 17:24 (GMT)

I've been a long standing member of nwb, and I still use it to check out bands and gig venues , it started of as a fantastic resource with a lot of face to face meets and social events , of course like anything else it gets abused and you Get opinionated pricks that think it's funny to spout bile on here , sometimes you get very knoledge and experienced people offering advice only for it to become a slanging match and general Internet bullying and name calling presented as banter. I hope these individuals will reflect on the crap they have posted and see how it's reflected on the north west music scene and generally dragged the forum down . I wish all my friends on nwb all the very best.

# Posted by Matt Green - 15/07/2016, 17:39 (GMT)

Sad news, admittedly I'm not a regular user but I do appreciate that this site is a central hub for musicians in the NW. I hope whatever you're doing next brings you happiness and less anxiety, and many thanks for all the times I have used the site to arrange gigs, promote gigs, and even find the position for Pleasers.



# Posted by JUICY - 15/07/2016, 18:52 (GMT)

I'm worried about what's going to happen to Buddy and Hopkins.


# Posted by lynnmonk - 16/07/2016, 03:20 (GMT)

I know I haven't been here much lately, but I'm really shocked that the site is closing. But, as they say, all good things must come to an end!

This site helped me to launch my studio and helped me find local musicians for projects when I needed someone. I've also referred a number of my clients here when they were looking for new band members or gigs.

I will miss you all!

In view of that, if there are any people here who fancy recording a jam with some of the friends they've met here from other bands; you're welcome to come to my studio for a day or two to do it. We can then share the results here before we all disappear in our different directions. What do you say?


# Posted by Stone Mile - 16/07/2016, 08:25 (GMT)

Just to say thanks Paul for your commitment to the site and I'm sure a lot of people won't realise the pressures it's put on you. For the last few months I haven't joined in the blogs but it's remained an every day part of the life of being in a band and being the guy that gets the gigs for me. Like others, for me it's been a very helpful resource.

Best of luck.


# Posted by The Kerbcrawlers - 16/07/2016, 11:40 (GMT)

Thanks to everyone who has registered at http://www.nwmusicians.co.uk so far.
114 members in a couple of days - The Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/groups/1743862339205247/ has 431 members in the same amount of time. We need more venues to join in.

It just shows that people will miss NWB so much and that Paul did a good thing.

# Posted by Mark L - 16/07/2016, 16:19 (GMT)

Meanwhile my little forum has attracted 17 members in about 3 months :)


# Posted by Special Brew - 16/07/2016, 18:22 (GMT)

Thanks for everything and good luck to you.

# Posted by Breezico. - 16/07/2016, 18:56 (GMT)

Sad news, I really preferred the layout of this site more than any FB group or page or online message board. Let's hope someone else comes up with an alternative.

Thanks for bringing us this site in the first place though Mr NEB, it's been a great site and as with many others, a part of my daily routine...

# Posted by abominablebassman - 17/07/2016, 06:45 (GMT)

Really sorry to hear this.
Paul, your contribution to bands and venues in the NW has been absolutely massive, so a personal thank you from BBGM and myself.

Bit gutted really, even though I've always been much more reader than contributor.

Good luck to you and many thanks,

# Posted by Crown Of Fools - 17/07/2016, 09:28 (GMT)

Sad news Paul, would just like to say you have done a fantastic job running this site over the years, met some great people and musicians through your site.

Good luck and all the best .


# Posted by BONESHAKER - 17/07/2016, 12:08 (GMT)

Thanks Paul for all your hard work. I guess none of us will know how much stress running a site like this can cause. Barely a day passes without me having a nosey on here and i have always encouraged venues and bands to use this site as it is such an easy tool to use to promote yourselves.
I know Boneshaker have benefited over the years from being able to use this site.
Good luck for the future
I still haven't got a fookin clue what a fifa coin is though.

# Posted by Hush - 17/07/2016, 12:28 (GMT)

Thank you Paul from all members of Hush who have benefited from your site. In many ways. Good luck to you in the future.

# Posted by BBGM - 17/07/2016, 21:36 (GMT)

Great shame, the site has been great for us in BBGM

all the best for the future Paul



# Posted by Troubadrummer - 18/07/2016, 07:12 (GMT)

I haven't been in this community long, but the site has been very useful personally helping me find other musicians and bands etc. I have also found it an entertaining and informative read. Thank you for your efforts in maintaining this free and valuable resource as I am sure it's helped a great many people in a similar position to me.

Good luck with your future endeavours.


# Posted by intuition - 18/07/2016, 09:23 (GMT)

Thank you for running the site, I don't post regularly but my other half is on daily. Its going to be a shame to see the site go as I he made some good friends from here and contacts too. I for one really appreciate all the hard work you put in.

# Posted by The Mighty Stonecats - 18/07/2016, 10:43 (GMT)

Many thanks for all your hard work. The site is a great reference point. Like many users we'll feel stuck without it. There's nowhere else you can go for an instant snapshot of what's going on with bands/gigs in the NW. Or if there is, someone tell us!!
Best of luck for the future
The Mighty Stonecats

# Posted by The Dawg - 18/07/2016, 12:52 (GMT)

Bloody 'ell, I'm welling up here! :)

# Posted by Trinity - 18/07/2016, 12:58 (GMT)

AW thats a real shame!
But I definately get where you are coming from with your decision!
all the best for the future.

This site has made me laugh,
neartly cry!
shout at my screen in disbelief, boil with anger, embarresed me in my earler days (never write anger!!)
and introduced me to a whole set of people who share one thing in common, and thats quality live music (and some redorded) its been a pleasure to have been allowed to be a part of it over the last 5 years, and in all honest truth Trinity would not of got off the ground without it!
met some great people off this site, many thanks for creating it Mr NWB.

Nanu Nanu!

# Posted by Wizdom - 18/07/2016, 13:39 (GMT)

@Rick ex 45 put a blog on NWB not too long ago about paying a fee or something along those lines
to help run this site it must be demoralising to put so much work in to something and get so little out for all your hard work, and I can't help but feeling if we had all taken notice we might no be
in this situation now! However just my opinion and could be way of the mark but I would have been
more than happy to do that as I appreciate this site Immensely as it has taking me from being broke
to getting by!

So I for one can't thank you enough!


# Posted by Dean (Drummer) - 18/07/2016, 14:44 (GMT)

Sad news indeed.

For me, NWB pretty much made The Sugar Bullets and The Camdens. It was also the catalyst for establishing real friendships.

At it's peak, the site offered huge value to bands and venues. But things change, and I'm not convinced redeveloping the site would rekindle the glory years.

Glad to have been part of it.

All the best,

# Posted by mr.nwb - 18/07/2016, 15:30 (GMT)

Wonder how many of us have said at some point..

"Are you on NWB?"

"Did you see [insert blog ref] on NWB?"

"You need to get on NWB! - you're missing out"

"I'm closing my NWB Account when I get home"

"Bye bye NWB"

# Posted by Asa - 18/07/2016, 16:41 (GMT)

Think I've said all of the above, and the last two more than once.......but never quite escaped!!

Fair play Paul. I'm amazed you've kept it going this long. It's been a fantastic site.

# Posted by Steve Dixon - 18/07/2016, 17:21 (GMT)

If anyone in East Lancashire would find this useful, you're more than welcome to join:


# Posted by Fanny Oakley - 18/07/2016, 23:23 (GMT)

NWB Paul, the first 3 yes but NEVER the last 2! Have loved being a member on here it has seen 'Shine' and 'SKP' through some very happy times - good luck to you, hope you enjoy your time without the hassles of running the site although im not sure you realise how much of a part of peoples lives you and this site have been :-)


# Posted by G-IT-22 - 19/07/2016, 00:07 (GMT)

I'm amazed how many 'people on the street' use this site .been stopped in shops,tyre centres, toilets ...etc saying they coming to gig TONITE/2moz cos they seen it added on the famous NWB site

# Posted by Laser Monkeys - 19/07/2016, 09:00 (GMT)

This weekend just gone we played 3 times and every single venue said they werent sure what they were going to do without NWB - its become a proper 'go-to' site for anyone vaguely interested in live music in the North West!


# Posted by APRIL MOON - 19/07/2016, 10:44 (GMT)

As many others on here, this site has helped us out countless timeswith advertising gigs, finding out about open mics, getting advice, band members and meeting venue landlords and muso friends. I really love the layout of this site and ease of use - I actually have our website directing venues to our nwb profile because they can see who we are and what we do at a glance. Will be sad to see it go! I'd also love to see someone else at least try to take over the moderation and maintenance of this site and would be willing to pay a membership fee to help it along. Please consider passing the torch!

Anyway, thanks a ton for everything and I suppose I'll catch the rest of you down the line - much love!!!

# Posted by mr.nwb - 19/07/2016, 14:25 (GMT)

I think some clarification on the "Official Notice" is required, before everyone runs off.

The "Current" NWB will be closing. Which means you can still continue to use the site, and all its usual features. There just wont be any feature enhancements, or new registrations. I'll strive to keep the site up and alive aslong as possible. Being overrun by spammers wasnt giving NWB any google love, and sooner or later the site would be de-indexed, and render the whole site void.

I hope this dosent feed rumours or over speculation of a "new site". I have thought about it, but I've no idea how I'd fit the dev work in required to do it all justice. The first two iterations of the NWB site were coded when I was younger / more dynamic / had free time to code, and didn't have to worry which day was "bin day".

Nowadays, we have social media/networks, and the role of NWB is changing and diminishing

It's always been hard to quantify the "soft/social" impact NWB has had in the "real world". Like making actual "real friends", rather than ones you just "click like" on.

# Posted by Wizdom - 19/07/2016, 19:15 (GMT)

Paul thanks for that glimmer of hope I personally will try and keep some payments coming your way
to help as they say every little helps!

# Posted by Roj (Black Rose) - 19/07/2016, 22:50 (GMT)

Brilliant, get the site going Paul, but with a subscription fee.

# Posted by b - 19/07/2016, 23:35 (GMT)

Best news I've had in ages. :D

# Posted by Howard - Sound and Light Produ... - 19/07/2016, 23:40 (GMT)

now - while people can see the lack of a viable alternative - would be a good time to look at subscriptions, though that in itself probably takes more coding and management.
i'm more than happy to pay subs and i suspect there would be 50 to 100 others interested -whether that's enough is a tough call.
plenty use the site on only an occasional basis and probably wouldn't take the plunge.
i think there are probably a dozen or so (myself included) who would be happy to contribute a larger amount and benefit shows are also a possibility.
In the end though, it's always going to be a risk that may not pay, which has to be weighed against a more certain wage elsewhere.

# Posted by Howard - Sound and Light Produ... - 19/07/2016, 23:43 (GMT)

...but i do know this much...the large majority who post here are professionals - by which i mean they take money for their musical services...they should expect to pay for this service too - no reason they should be earning money, posting gigs here and yet the man hosting earns little or nothing from it.
plus any fees paid are obviously tax deductible.

# Posted by Wizdom - 20/07/2016, 00:34 (GMT)

Also send the odd pounds here and there for gigs as this will also add up if everyone does it
Even if everyone doesn't do it getting some to do it is a step in the right direction and
certainly better than the previous situation!.

# Posted by The Kerbcrawlers - 20/07/2016, 10:51 (GMT)

Good to hear that NWB isn't going altogether.

It may be an idea for new bands and venues to contact you by email so you can set them up, rather than having open registration. Or allow another Admin on board..

I'd also suggest deleting the accounts of anyone who hasn't logged in during 2015 if you can. That will trim the space taken up by it and make contacting venues easier.

As to the www.nwmusicians.co.uk site, I may as well leave it open and we will see what transpires.
The Facebook group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/1743862339205247/ has picked up and all are welcome to join that.

# Posted by mr.nwb - 20/07/2016, 12:07 (GMT)


2015 cut off sounds okay - will need to see what "venue" data this would lose, and what ramifications this would have on Google, as these would then be "404" pages. Sometimes it's good to have some legacy pages intact, even if the venue landlord isnt active

NWB will never be a "forum" per say, So please continue with your nwmusicians.co.uk site, as I know some NWB members prefer that format. I've never hindered or tried to rival any sort of "competition", The more "NW STUFF" the better in my eyes

# Posted by Steve Slinger - 20/07/2016, 12:59 (GMT)

Paul Wright now .... baby its .. repeat to fade.

Thanks for the hard work Paul.

Thanks for the wedding booking :-)

Keep in touch dude.


# Posted by Andy McCormack - 20/07/2016, 19:47 (GMT)

I don't use the site much but it is always a good read and useful when I do need to use it. Deffo up for paying a sub. Got something special here, don't let it die I say.

# Posted by Stone Mile - 20/07/2016, 20:38 (GMT)

Would be more than willing to pay a sub. Can't imagine running the gig bookings etc without having NWB.

# Posted by JUICY - 20/07/2016, 20:58 (GMT)

Rather than charge a subscription ( which I as well would be willing to pay) may I suggest charging for gig advertisements?
Failing that,how about a 10p per word charge on Blogs and responses?


# Posted by Black Thursday - 21/07/2016, 09:36 (GMT)

Some form of subscriptions gets my vote. I've no idea on the costs of running such a site, but I'm sure it wouldn't break the bank.

Without this site life is going to be so much harder.

We at BT have been very grateful that it has existed and for the work put in by mr nwb to keep it here. Nwbs really helped us to get going when we were trying to launch ourselves a few years back and is still very useful to us now.

# Posted by TEX & THE HARDCORE TROUBAD... - 21/07/2016, 17:44 (GMT)

It ain't the first time I have said it, we would be more than happy to pay a subscription fee as I am sure most bands and venues worth their salt would too, it would also rid us of trolls and spammers.
It may rule fans outta the membership who tbh some make a significant contribution so maybe a lesser subscription in the their case, casual observers would still be able to casually observe fer free anyhow ;-)


# Posted by The Kerbcrawlers - 22/07/2016, 23:36 (GMT)

@Mr NWB,

If the site is going at some point, would it be possible to keep the gig guide section working, so people can at least put their gigs in?

# Posted by Sky Tigers - 24/07/2016, 16:34 (GMT)

Hi thanks for all the effort you've put in Paul, NWB is certainley well know & one of the premier sources for bands

I am a moderator & Admin on some modified car forums, and i can appreciate the time, and in some cases anxiety it can cause.

All the best for the future sir, and with what Ian & Mr Dixon have set up I am sure, there will, still be suitable vehicles for bands & venues

Best Regards Brian

# Posted by The Railway Inn, Chorley - 24/07/2016, 23:12 (GMT)

Absolutely gutted that you no longer have the time for this site.

It has been my saviour at times when it's come to gaps in the diary and cancellations.

I know quite a few fans who use this site to find out what gigs are on at The Railway as they don't 'do' Facebook.

Thank you for your time and dedication.

Lyndsey @ The Railway :) Xx

# Posted by SUPERFLY - 25/07/2016, 14:12 (GMT)

Mr NWB....

Just for what its worth, Superfly have not been around very long, in fact its nearly our first anniversary, but NWB has not been invaluable for helping me find venues and of course getting some last minute gigs when we've had a free evening... But also in meeting other people off this site who are genuinely helpful and all round good eggs...

I for one and the rest of Superfly will be sorry to see the site close, and we can only endorse what others are saying, We'd be more than happy to pay some form of subscription to help keep the site alive, though having no IT skills myself i wouldn't know how much work and effort is involved, and will obviously respect your decision whatever you decide on..

But remember there are a lot of people out there who owe you a huge debt of gratitude for the work you've done and enabled us to do....

Heartfelt thanks


# Posted by 5th Element - 26/07/2016, 14:57 (GMT)

Very sad news indeed and a big loss to the North West gigging and gig-going community. As others have said, it's not just been a 'working band' site, it's been instrumental in us and others making loads of friends, and for that it is priceless.

Thank you so much for all your hard work, Paul. Ann goes mad sometimes just doing the 5th Element website so we literally have no idea how you have coped managing profiles for the 100s and 100s of bands and fans on here!!! Thank you so much for everything - very much appreciated. Time for a well earned rest! :-)

All the best and cheers to an excellent website,

Ann, Neil, Alan, Dave and Aaron (5th Element) xx

# Posted by Drum Bloke™ - that bloke that... - 28/07/2016, 10:53 (GMT)

Hey Paul !!

End of an era...you deserve credit mate, no, a medal...

Thanks so much for taking the time to create, manage and dedicate your effort and skills to produce NWB.

As a bloke that drums I did get the chance to meet, with 'dep' and check out bands via this site. Never needed FACEBOOK !!

Who know's maybe NWB will be mentioned by someone in a biography or documentary of the many future stars who are members here.

Since I moved down here I have often thought that this is a much needed resource and would take off really well I reckon.

If you ever need any referee's for future projects - I'm sure there's plenty who'll vouch for your excellent commitment and duty above and beyond :)

Thanks again.

# Posted by goffy7167 - 28/07/2016, 19:19 (GMT)

Thank you and good luck with any future projects!

# Posted by Nicola - 29/07/2016, 13:31 (GMT)

.... been great for venues! Has made my life so much easier! And the other plus .... made some amazing friends and met some outstanding people! X

# Posted by Still Stones - 04/08/2016, 11:22 (GMT)

Sorry to here about you closing the site down Paul, I don't really know how you have managed to run the site for so long and so efficiently for free, a great format and much more than just gig listings, blogs and adverts, I am sure many of the bands on here wold not exist were it not for NWB and I am also sure it has created many friendships as well, Still Stones got quite a few gigs from the site both rom venues direct and cancellations from other bands, also we have found stand ins for gigs we were unable to fulfill, as someone said in a post above, "I don't really think people will understand the impact of the site closing, what did Joni Mitchell say "Don't it always seem to go that you don't know what you got till it's gone" certainly apt words inn this case methinks, had a lot of fun on here and been on the site more or less from the start, I would certainly be prepared to pay a yearly sub no worries and I am certain many others would as well, (the ones who would not want to pay would be the ones who do not use the site properly anyway so that would be good riddance and less effort, sure all the venues would pay, you could also charge a small fee for any gigs acquired through the site as well, anyway just food for thought, if you have simply just had enough Paul then I and all Still Stones wish you all the best and every success, you have done a cracking job over the years and we all love yah buddy :-) cheers, Phil Platt

# Posted by Abacus 2 Studios - 08/08/2016, 11:55 (GMT)

Thanks for all your hard work Paul.
You were always very much appreciated in the north west mate.
Hope you get plenty of time to spend on what you want now.

Thanks again Shaun.


# Posted by Squirrelkickers - 09/08/2016, 20:30 (GMT)

Just want to add my thanks too. Great site and excellent resource. Thanks and good luck!

# Posted by ROUTE 66 - 16/08/2016, 20:43 (GMT)

Thanks from Route 66. We have got numerous gigs etc from this site, some that we do to this day, gigs that we didnt know about if it wasnt for this site. All the Best, Ian

# Posted by Soul'd Out - 24/08/2016, 13:34 (GMT)

real shame to see the site go.. its helped us both find band mates and gigs. Great site and a real loss to the community.

# Posted by The Clan - 09/09/2016, 11:33 (GMT)

Surprised to find the site still active but glad it is. A very useful site for venues/bands and fans and appreciate that Paul has put in a lot of time/effort probably for little reward. Good luck Paul and thanks for doing it over the years.

Craig - The Clan.

# Posted by DaveH - 21/09/2016, 20:21 (GMT)

Gutted to see the post that this site is closing. By far the best site around for finding gigs. Met a lot of band members through ginger to the gigs and realised what a great community these part tine musicians are a part of.
Please keep the site going
Bloldy predictive text.. who the hell is ginger! I meant 'going'


# Posted by THE STORIES ,The very best! of... - 29/10/2016, 02:33 (GMT)

Still nice to see the site up & running Paul & honestly it's been the best for a long time since most of the spam has been sorted ,give us all a shout when the new site is sorted & we'll be on it straight away :)

# Posted by THE STORIES ,The very best! of... - 06/11/2016, 04:11 (GMT)

Paul mate we are & probably most are thinking the same way ,how long of a timeline are we looking at before the new site is set up ,cheers :)

# Posted by The THREE - 04/01/2017, 12:35 (GMT)

Is there any update on the new site yet? :)

# Posted by Evenfall covers group - 15/01/2017, 12:24 (GMT)

I played a venue last night and they can't use NWB now because of their lack points, that's fine they understand. Not being really into "new technology stuff" they aren't on facebook so they've seen their available bands plummet. I put an advert on facebook for them and gained myself another gig for my effort so that's good but it's amazing the effect on one small pub!!

Paul has done a great job which I must admit I've taken for granted over the years and I hadn't realised the hard work it's taken.

Evenfall and Fallen Angels have gained friends knowledge and lots of gigs from NWB so a big THANK YOU for that.

We would be interested in paying to stay in NWB if that was an option, and may others would so let's hope it can continue in some way in the future. thanks again Evenfall and Fallen Angels.

# Posted by mr.nwb - 15/01/2017, 14:10 (GMT)

Have a go with http://trmp.co.uk/

Although, the new NWB will be looking for wee little piggies very shortly.

# Posted by Wizdom - 15/01/2017, 17:19 (GMT)

Looking forward to it Paul :-)

# Posted by The Buzzz - 16/01/2017, 08:20 (GMT)

To help and promote the cause, happy to be a wee little piggy

# Posted by A.k.A Punk - 16/01/2017, 15:21 (GMT)

Looks Good....

# Posted by The Kerbcrawlers - 21/01/2017, 23:28 (GMT)

Happy to be a guinea pig for the new site and to help with moderating if needed. :)

# Posted by Laser Monkeys - 25/01/2017, 22:45 (GMT)

Signed up on trmp but looking forward to the new NWB!


# Posted by The THREE - 02/07/2017, 13:45 (GMT)

I've just seen the flash notice telling us that NWB is going in September.

Is the plan still to have a new replacement site, or is that going to be it?


People are welcome to joing the Facebook group at www.nwmusicians.co.uk

# Posted by The Arden Inn - 02/07/2017, 16:11 (GMT)

NO gig guide on the trmp one, i can't fins a front page only my page

# Posted by mr.nwb - 02/07/2017, 16:46 (GMT)

No current plan to have a replacement, or do anything. Think I've given enough "notification" on bands finding other means to promote gigs.

Not to say I wont do anything in the future (I still own the domain) - But think, it'll be a "paid for" service next time around. But, just doing NW bands, is kinda restricting the "business model" - I have only have a small niche area of bands/venues to work with.

# Posted by Schmitt Trigger - 11/07/2017, 12:52 (GMT)

Mr NWB you probably have considered this before because you have had plenty of offers for help but why not retain the ownership and let whoever wants to run the site do so as trustees?
You can set the terms within an agreement to ensure the site is run with your goals in mind so that if or when you want to take up the reins again it still has your ethos at heart.

If you consider the site as part of a "business model" surely closing it will diminish the goodwill which is basically the asset at the moment.

Just thought I'd open things up again because it is a resource that a lot of people would like to continue using and expand if possible.

Good luck

# Posted by Black Thursday - 12/07/2017, 17:45 (GMT)

Gets my vote Schmitty

# Posted by THE ROB MARTIN BAND - 13/07/2017, 22:05 (GMT)

+1 4 me

# Posted by The THREE - 17/07/2017, 11:49 (GMT)

The forum at www.nwmusicians.co.uk is now available for those who want it.

# Posted by The THREE - 17/07/2017, 11:50 (GMT)

The forum at www.nwmusicians.co.uk is now available for those who want it.

# Posted by Jeepster Gaz ( RailerMania ) - 24/07/2017, 21:48 (GMT)

why keep dragging it out.....if your mind is made up, just close it and have done with it........its a shame but just get it over with !

# Posted by mr.nwb - 25/07/2017, 11:00 (GMT)

The gigguide has over 2000 gigs listed, so is still a valuable resource.

The hosting is paid up until the end of August - so it seems "fair" to keep the site alive up until then.

Some people are quick to jump, without knowing all the facts/backstory :-)

# Posted by The Kerbcrawlers - 28/07/2017, 11:12 (GMT)

Is it possible to retain just the gig guide part of the site?
Or to pass that software on for hosting elsewhere to allow the gig guide to still be used?

# Posted by Asa - 28/07/2017, 13:05 (GMT)

In Gaz's defence, people have asked for the facts/backstory but can't get a straight answer.

It's closing, it's staying, it's closing, it's being upgraded, it's moving to a pay model, it's closing, there might be something in future, it's closing.

People have offered to pay. People have offered to help. They can't do much more.

You've done an invaluable amount of good for the bands and the scene, but it's the uncertainty that's killed the site. That and the knobheads, but moderators would have taken care of that and again there was enough volunteers.

# Posted by WAGONTOWN - 28/07/2017, 13:23 (GMT)

Wannabe policemen wouldve killed this site long before now, you only have to look at Facebook group moderators, nothing but up themselves dummy spitters, if you dont agree with them, youre history.


# Posted by Asa - 28/07/2017, 13:36 (GMT)

I disagree Tel. I've been a member of several very successful independent forums that allow moderators. Put simply, it just means that people have to put the interests of the wider group ahead of their own - something that's never particularly been acceptable to some on NWB.

That said, moderation isn't really the key issue here is it.

# Posted by mr.nwb - 29/07/2017, 11:22 (GMT)

There's never been any (long term) moderators on NWB.

Blog authors, can delete (not edit) comments only on blogs they've posted.

And you can delete your own comments.

So, in essence, if your comment/blog got deleted, it was either yourself, or the blog author.

@ASA - as with anything, its "complicated", and my time is limited, and I have a mental instability with affects my motivation. Whenever I think I have an opportunity to sort the site out, I tend to get a "PAID" client jumping in. And at the end of the day, I need to do what puts food on the table.

To be fair, I've never stopped ANYONE in the community from setting up their own site, and creating a new NW empire. People have set up sites, but they soon become bored and lack motivation themselves. I spent countless days/months/years promoting the sites to bands/venues. Knocking up flyers, badges, stickers, banners, showcase nights and online promo. Who would go to that length in this day and age?

Contrary to popular belief - I do have conscience, and worry and build up anxiety about how these bands/venues will cope without a central hub to communicate. I'm hoping to atleast bridge this gap in some way, without giving false promises.

Having said all this - If someone is willing to invest £4K+, for me to spend 2 months coding a new NWB site - then let's talk!

# Posted by 45s - 31/07/2017, 01:20 (GMT)

Hi Paul.
If I was still involved in the music scene, I would have invested 4K towards NWB.
But I'm not and for me would not be a benefit.

# Posted by 45s - 31/07/2017, 01:20 (GMT)

Hi Paul.
If I was still involved in the music scene, I would have invested 4K towards NWB.
But I'm not and for me would not be a benefit.

# Posted by Asa - 31/07/2017, 08:16 (GMT)

@Paul - No ones criticising you for having a life or prioritising paid work. You've never stopped anyone from setting up an alternative (myself included), but attempts have been hamstrung as there has always been the dangled carrot of the new and improved NWB. Perhaps now we know that NWB is going offline, the alternatives can build up a following.

It wont ever be as good as NWB, but it's worth a try. Maybe someone can tempt back some of the "old school" if the site was managed correctly.

Anyhow, best of luck and see you on the circuit.

Over and out

# Posted by mr.nwb - 31/07/2017, 09:38 (GMT)

@Asa - agreed, sometimes you have to stub out one fag end out, before lighting up another.

From the 1st of September, It'll be an even playing field - It'll be interesting to see what pathway the NW band/venue community take up.

# Posted by Asa - 31/07/2017, 15:28 (GMT)

Well, it's a toss up between Ian's forum and Facebook isn't it?

# Posted by OurTommy - 06/08/2017, 17:46 (GMT)

Hi folks, please check out BandBeat.uk, new venture of mine. Hoping to put something together that has been as successful as NWB :)

# Posted by The Kerbcrawlers - 08/08/2017, 14:37 (GMT)

Hi OurTommy. I've registered. I really do like the general look of it. The gig listing would need to display quite a lot of gigs without repeated scrolling through, if possible.

As discussed though, what needs to happen on your new site is for bands to be able to input their own gigs. If they can't do that, you will find you have an unpaid and unbelievably tedious job for life annd a rod for your own back, manually inputting everyone's gigs.

I sent you our gigs (The THREE) for the rest of the year - 50 for the remaining few months. That's going to be quite some work to input them all. If you multiply that by several bands, you can see that you're really going to need to allow bands to be able to input their own gigs.

When 2018 looms and loads of bands start sending you everything and cancellations and changed dates start appearing willy nilly, it may prove to be an absolutely overwhelming and unwelcome amount of work.

I've set up www.nwmusicians.co.uk as a forum which functionally does all that NWB does (except the gig guide listing) and am still struggling to find a calendar solution for that. There's absolutely no way I would ever think of taking on the task of inputting and arranging and updating lists of gigs manually. If a solution / website came along that would incorporate a fully working gig listing - Proboards displays a calendar but the dates are all screwed up! - I would happily get my forum out of the way - because we absolutely all need to be in one place.

We have been utterly spoiled for so long by Paul's amazing efforts with NWB.

PAUL - I just wish that there was a way to keep JUST the gig listing up, even if it was on a pay to play basis, which may help to meet the development costs for a new NWB. I have the gig guide embeeded in a forum page at the present time.

I really can't see it happening otherwise. ***

# Posted by mr.nwb - 08/08/2017, 21:31 (GMT)

Watch this space - I may have secured some funding to do some dev work on the "gig guide" side of things. Like you say, I think the gig guide is something thats invaluable (I even look up on it myself, everyday, to see who's playing near me).

I don't want to get peoples hopes up. But it seems putting an ultimatum on bands/venues, has made people put £/Investment in where their long term livelihood resides.

# Posted by mr.nwb - 08/08/2017, 21:43 (GMT)

The site closure, has possibly been timed quite well with the new Data Protection Act being drawn up.

Allows me to ditch the NWB database, as it potentially holds personal/private information, that I shouldnt be holding onto.

I can then ensure the new remit of NWB adheres to the new Data Privacy legislations. Hopefully, no one will need to provide any personal information at all.

# Posted by Asa - 09/08/2017, 09:52 (GMT)

Here we go again...............

# Posted by Gin Pit - 09/08/2017, 12:55 (GMT)

Many thanks to Paul, @MrNWB, for what has been a great web resource.

As Ian @12stringbassist rightly says, www.nwmusicians.co.uk is a good forum which functionally does all that NWB does - EXCEPT the gig guide listing. BUT, there are many existing gig guides that could be used in conjunction with NWMUSICIANS (and even embedded), such as:


Many of these gig guides take major resources to keep working (as NWB) and its bit crazy to expect somebody to take this onboard and create another new one. Of course if some NWBers won't pay 50p a week for something like Lemonrock, then let's all probably be in the same situation again with any "FREE" NWB alternative site 1-4 years down the line!

None of these gig guides provide the invaluable BLOG of NWB and NWMUSICIANS. These give somewhere:
1) for venues find bands for late cancellations
2) for bands to advertise late availability, and the odd gig (not too many please!)
3) for new bands & venues to say hello and get gigs booked
4) for bands to alert their fellow bands to venues closing/cancelling and other such problems
5) for bands and venues to have a bit of a rant about something if they so wish
6) for stolen gear, the odd bit of buy/sell gear, the list goes on & on....

For our band, the blog has been wonderful. It really helped to get us started and get gigs - and still does. We've not used the gig guide for months. Just had a link on our page to our gig list, which venues can see with one click. And we've never been sure of the value of a listing whose major audience is other bands, many obviously working the same night - all helps I'm sure - but won't much fill a venue!

So I hope Ian will link one of these Guides to NWMUSICIANS. And thanks again Paul.


# Posted by The Kerbcrawlers - 09/08/2017, 13:35 (GMT)

Maybe what is needed at this point is some sort of emergency measure.

How would people (including Paul) feel about making the current NWB pay to play, remaining open, but deactivating any unpaid for accounts, with a £50 fee payable (refundable if it doesn't go ahead and affordable between a band, surely) which would go towards giving Paul the time to build the new NWB and be a credit for two years membership of the new NWB?

Alternatively, a reduced fee could be charged for use of the GIG GUIDE ONLY (stripping away the blog, etc) and that could be kept open and embedded within www.nwmusicians.co.uk as it is now.

We would need people to commit quickly if Paul agreed to it.
We could do with a response from Paul on this, as to whether the idea would be feasible.

# Posted by mr.nwb - 09/08/2017, 14:24 (GMT)

The gigguide is invaluable - You'll be amazed of the amount of "soft members", who dont log in, but check up on the NWB listings to see whats going on in their local pub. It's highly unlikely as a band you'd ever speak to these people in the venue.

The amount of times I got talkin to people in pubs saying "you want to get on that Northwestbands", amazed me. Because they werent NWB members, but people who checked the gig guide, anonymously.

NWB, has a lot of GOOGLE love, and this is what a lot of bands will lose. As facebook pages, and non SEO'd band pages (like wix, 1and1 website builder etc), just dont cut it on the search engines unfortunately.

Having said all that. Im going to try and get something up and running to meet the gig guide requirements. But nothing as yet for the Community Comms, stuff (as yet)

Maybe I should set up a crowd funding page. That seems to be the fashion nowadays.

Asa - over to you :-)

# Posted by Asa - 09/08/2017, 14:32 (GMT)

Over to me for what? I'm not wasting any more of my time. As soon as anyone puts any time into providing a reasonable alternative, NWB releases a new tease e.g.

"Im going to try and get something up and running to meet the gig guide requirements."

"But nothing as yet for the Community Comms, stuff (as yet)"

It's utterly pointless. People sit here waiting for a new version of NWB. But it never happens. People will sit here in limbo until all the usefulness/value has been drained out of it.

# Posted by The Kerbcrawlers - 09/08/2017, 14:40 (GMT)

Hi Paul.
It would be truly great if you could do something to keep the gig guide afloat. I hope that you can keep us posted on that. Hopefully before NWB dies, because once it's gone, there is no way to gather all these people back again.

I did ask a question above along the lines of if there was a way I could host the gig guide software / coded pages in my CGI webspace. Is that possible?

I personally am not madly interested in the blog pages, except when we find ourselves in this situation. Though it IS undoubtedly useful to point out rogue venues who do things to bands so that others can avoid. But Facebook does the job nicely. A lot of people have joined https://www.facebook.com/groups/nwmusicians.co.uk/

I looked at the pages listed above and of those which would actually embed into a page at www.nwmusicians.co.uk - THIS page looked the best - https://www.gig-guide.co.uk/gigs/browse_that_gig.php/Lancashire/126/3/

Facebook pages will not embed, no matter what dodges I try to use.

# Posted by mr.nwb - 09/08/2017, 14:49 (GMT)

@Asa - I do it for the passion :-)

@Ian - All that is "old tech" unfortunately - NWB needs something more robust, and more in keeping with how things "should be done".

Right, we're having a gig guide - And the site is re-branding to just use www.northwestbands.co.uk as its primary domain/brand. nwb.co, will merely be a shortcut domain, for use in twitter etc.

# Posted by Mister P - 09/08/2017, 16:46 (GMT)

I think I'd have to agree with Asa. Despite the fact I think MR NWB has been doing sterling previous work, there appears to be to much carrot dangling going on ( and over some time) and that in itself is possibly stiffling other peoples efforts elsewhere. I can see pro musos and people who really need to gig every weekend getting a bit panicky about losing venue contacts and possibly good paying work etc but I gig once or twice a month, paid, but for fun so stay or go, its won't affect me much. Great resource, I'll miss it, but you can tell by the absence of some previous regulars and slow down of comments, it's maybe, through uncertainty of it's future, had it's day. Cheers, P.

# Posted by mr.nwb - 09/08/2017, 18:10 (GMT)

Nah - end of the day - people have great intentions in thinking they can re-create NWB. But they soon get bored, and lack the enthusiasm to take it to the "next level".

Even Asa has had a go at setting up a separate "NW Musicians" forum - Which I assume is now dead and buried?

Yes, NWB has run its mission. NWB was born in time preceeding Facebook and Twitter etc.

The only thing that the social media platforms lack, is a central place for bands to post gigs. So thats the "gap" im intending to fill.

Sometimes, these "Needs" and "Targets" only come to fruitition when you set a final date ultimatum of pulling the plug.

The NWB gig-guide, will be set up, and it'll be available for guineapigs shortly. Keep an eye on www.northwestbands.co.uk , for early sign up if you think it's worth a shot.

# Posted by Asa - 09/08/2017, 19:00 (GMT)

Hang on a minute. If we're going down this road, let's have the facts straight.

Several people have tried to provide an alternative to NWB after you decided it wasn't worth your time or effort. Yes, I was one of those people. Every one of those alternatives has failed because as soon as they got any traction, you decided to announce an upgrade or an improvement, or a stay of execution and now investment and improvement and blah blah blah.

I don't think any of us has got bored or lacked the enthusiasm to provide an alternative. I find that quite insulting as I'm sure the others will too.

You deserve thanks and I hope NWB carries on in some guise or other, but get on with it or have done with it, because right now it's just pissing people off.

# Posted by The Kerbcrawlers - 09/08/2017, 19:43 (GMT)

I don't think it is so much about "recreating NWB", as giving people somewhere to go that has a functioning gig list.

I for one am really glad there will be a giglist. Please keep us posted.

# Posted by mr.nwb - 09/08/2017, 20:02 (GMT)

@ian glad you are onboard and positive

@asa let's not get bogged down with facts and figures. They'll be a gig guide facility from the bloke who brought u nwb. Feel free to use it. It'll be open to all.

# Posted by Gin Pit - 10/08/2017, 11:48 (GMT)

Good news on the gig guide Paul. From your info on "soft members" and Google, it's looks like I should get back to using it. Thanks.

# Posted by mr.nwb - 12/08/2017, 18:58 (GMT)

Early sign up - for latest news :


# Posted by The Kerbcrawlers - 12/08/2017, 22:10 (GMT)

It just brings us back here when we follow that web address.
And it tells us that it's not taking any new registrations.

# Posted by mr.nwb - 12/08/2017, 23:46 (GMT)

Hmmm try clearing all your cache - your browser isn't picking up the 301 redirect changes.

# Posted by DLS Warrington - 13/08/2017, 03:04 (GMT)

I've signed up

and lost half an hour watching that guinea pig :)

# Posted by mr.nwb - 13/08/2017, 12:07 (GMT)

Gotta love the piggy...

Thanks for signing up

# Posted by The Kerbcrawlers - 13/08/2017, 13:20 (GMT)

That worked. Many thanks.

# Posted by Mr Cottonhouse - 14/08/2017, 11:24 (GMT)

I only clicked to see the pig. Made my day no end, in fact I was so excited.....I signed up too!

# Posted by Special Brew - 14/08/2017, 12:35 (GMT)

Am signed up

# Posted by Black Thursday - 14/08/2017, 18:38 (GMT)

signed up

# Posted by Wizdom - 15/08/2017, 13:16 (GMT)

I'm signed up

# Posted by mr.nwb - 15/08/2017, 16:01 (GMT)

Piggy needs a name I think... Suggestions?

# Posted by Tex's bassbitch - 15/08/2017, 18:24 (GMT)

Piggy Pop

# Posted by Laser Monkeys - 15/08/2017, 21:01 (GMT)

North West Ham

# Posted by mr.nwb - 17/08/2017, 12:09 (GMT)

Daily updates on NWB progress now on Facebook and Twitter. Make sure you are signed up to those channels,



# Posted by The THREE - 22/08/2017, 14:06 (GMT)

Hi Paul,

Will you be able to migrate existing gig guide data into the new gig guide as a temporary measure, so something is visible - or is it a case of starting totally from scratch?


# Posted by thudder - 22/08/2017, 16:10 (GMT)

Link don't work, just shows piggy. Nothing working for me.What do I do?

# Posted by The Kerbcrawlers - 23/08/2017, 00:43 (GMT)

If you can see the video of the pig, scroll down.
There are two boxes underneath it, one for your email address - one for your band name.
Fill those and press enrol.

# Posted by mr.nwb - 23/08/2017, 10:49 (GMT)

Starting totally from scratch virtually.

I'll try and enable a feature within the nwb.co band/venue profiles to export your current gig date into a CSV/XLS spreadsheet. Then you can just copy/paste them into your new band/venue profile on www.northwestbands.co.uk

# Posted by The THREE - 23/08/2019, 00:30 (GMT)

Any progress on this gig guide?

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