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Annoying Ar$eholes

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Posted By : ThePunkMonkeys | Comments : 7

Who annoys you

Bono - "the poverty of the world breaks my heart" whilst sat in his mansions 3rd swimming pool

Bob Geldof - do i need to explain (see above)

Billy Corgan - A whiney sod who thinks he's way better than he is

Pete Doherty - Someone who throws away what most musicians spend their entire live aiming for for a bit of smack oh its a shame no it isn't. Here pete do you want some drugs? No I'll pass its ok I'm on to something here with my music (even though its crap) i'll keep on track or Yeah sod it why not

Morrisey - Cheer up you grumpy sod you've done alreet out of it all

Tom Delonge - for being the epitome of can't be arsed performances live and ruining it for everyelse. Least matt skibas in who can actually sing and is a very underated song writer.

Perry from Premier Guitar - how to ruin rig rundowns 101

People who say "ive gone back to my roots"

Bands who say "we went to a higher concious for this record etc etc". No you mean you were off your face or dillusional? That would be more interesting

Any band/artist who isn't honest


# Posted by JUICY - 23/06/2016, 10:55 (GMT)

Pub Landlords/ladies who ask "Do you have a following"?

Kate bloody screaming banshee Bush.

BBC on "Glasto".

Billy ball bag Bragg.

Juice (also hates eponymously named bands)

PS and Bonob x a googleplex.

# Posted by Dan Evans - 23/06/2016, 12:04 (GMT)

Punters who go on and all night saying ' My mates a really good singer can he have a go?' and they then proceed to dance and sing along all night when its getting towards the end of the night and you say no the reply is ' well you're shit anyway!'

I agree; Bono, Geldof, et all, smug b'stards on loads of money asking me to donate

landlords/ladies who tell you that they had a fifteen piece band on the 'postage stamp' stage they ask you to set up on.

Radiohead - (if I hear another muso say 'OK computer was the seminal album of the 90's I will shoot them)

# Posted by Mr Cottonhouse - 23/06/2016, 12:36 (GMT)

@Dan - I'm with you with Radiohead.

Axl 'hi, hi, hi hi yo uwow' Rose singing Guns and Roses!

Rihanna .....Nuff said.

There will be lots of influential people there including big agents with lots of contacts..... That old chestnut!

# Posted by Bobo - 23/06/2016, 13:32 (GMT)

All the spammers on here - quite a few new ones have appeared in the last day or so.
What makes them think anyone in here wants to move from one part of Bangalore to another part of Bangalore??
Maybe there should be an English grammar test before an account can be opened to identify spammers - ooer, perhaps not!

# Posted by WAGONTOWN - 23/06/2016, 14:32 (GMT)

Binary Options..carnt stick em.


# Posted by ThePunkMonkeys - 23/06/2016, 16:11 (GMT)

Binary options require you to know the ins and outs of automated machine to machine communication :p

# Posted by Sky Tigers - 08/08/2016, 14:21 (GMT)

Bono ooooohhhhh my god do not get me going

Sting what a pretentious sod hes become

Nick Grimshaw R1

My bloody Knees

The Kardashian's whoever they are


Simon Cowell
Simon Cowell

And Simon Cowell

Big Brother House

Simon Cowell

The M60, M6, M66, M25,

My 100 mile a day commute

The currents Mrs W, when shes reminded me after 2 months Ive not finished a job off in the house



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