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A little tip if you play at the Queens Leyland

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Posted By : Dillinger | Comments : 18

do,s and dont,s that will save you time.

as usual I drummer like to get the kit in place before the rest arrive
I put one bass bin off the stage that is about the size of an American
fridge freezer. not the bin, the stage. in a position that nobody in their right mind would sit
with PA speakers close by. rest of band set up, now ready to sound check.
landlord comes over says you are taking up the space of a table move the box
on to the stage, erm the box is a bass bin by the way. so 20 mins later and scrunched
up even more we get organized again. So, keep all your gear on the stage at the Queens.
and no cases left off stage. nobody used said important table anyway all night by the way,
dont bother taking posters they dont put them up. rant over, have a nice day.


# Posted by A.k.A Punk - 05/06/2016, 15:25 (GMT)

We played there once, and the Landlord was very amiable, but i never realised how many blokes go for a piss in a two hour set, and more to the point the same people going for multiple piss's.

We where a 5 piece and space was very tight then, and we had punters playing with the PA which wasn't good.

If you are going to play the Queens, would recommend you do a recce first.

# Posted by Wizdom - 05/06/2016, 15:27 (GMT)

Not to mention the lack of parking or you must have got lucky :-)

# Posted by The others - 05/06/2016, 16:20 (GMT)

cheers for that .It was even worse when someone had been for a shit,
I will miss that aroma,but then again our old drummer did have really bad wind ahahahah!!!!!!!Daz
He used to blame on the bogs..

# Posted by Hush - 05/06/2016, 17:04 (GMT)

Best advice, I'd give to any band is Don't play the venue, Hush were booked for 3 a year or 2 back and after the first gig, playing next to the bog( I believe they've moved it now) and we never went back after the first one, If you are desparate for a gig or the low money they pay, then take it, but other than that leave well alone in my opinion, the very fact, you have to hump your prized equipment through a crowd of pissed up punters watching football spraying their drinks around then set up next to the shitter, shows no respect by management/venue for the band. This is only my opinion, but we've found alot of great venues along the way where, we as a band are treated with alot more respect and proffessionalism, and choose to play these venues as opposed to the above. Sometimes actions speak louder than words. Rock on Brothers and Sisters Tim.

# Posted by The Method - 05/06/2016, 17:04 (GMT)

The Queens should be admired for its support of live music.
However it is a venue that has several issues that can make it very un band friendly. Whenever we played there we had a constant battle with people who think its ok to square up to each other right in front of the band. Drinks spilled over pedals and subs and even one guy rooting through our gear while setting up. We too had the landlord telling us that tables mean money which we totally understand. We decided to give it a miss this year and to be fair were asked what could be done to improve things.
Perhaps listening to bands would help as we all want the same thing.
We want to have fun entertaining people and feel safe and appreciated.

# Posted by WAGONTOWN - 05/06/2016, 17:19 (GMT)

Keep up folks ffs! The stage has been moved to a better place IMO, and has been blogged on here by me and other bands. If you're a 5 piece, leave your Wembley stadium gear at home or you're just gonna be pissed off. Why pub bands need so much gear is beyond me.
Atfer saying that, it's Open mic on Thursday on the very same stage.


# Posted by A.k.A Punk - 06/06/2016, 00:39 (GMT)


Flipping eck Tel - bit strong there mate - whats the FFS all about - The thread was about people's experience at a particular venue - which for a 3 piece band probably isn't an issue - Your making assumptions that all 5 piece bands carry way to much stuff, but with 5 members of a band with minimal equipment, the queens still wasn't a good venue to setup at, play and then get your kit out.

Dillinger are a 4 piece band and still struggled

# Posted by WAGONTOWN - 06/06/2016, 08:29 (GMT)

Inside Job, my ffs was directed at people like yourself putting The Queens down for miniscule selfish reasons. I've no problem with the original post but when you start taking the piss about people taking multiple pisses, it pisses me off as I am one of those unfortunates. The Landlord moved the playing area to somewhere more suitable 'albeit a bit smaller'and yer still whinging ffs!


# Posted by Laser Monkeys - 06/06/2016, 17:04 (GMT)

I've heard a lot about this new stage, has anyone got any pics yet?


# Posted by WAGONTOWN - 06/06/2016, 17:33 (GMT)

The playing area at The Queens is a bit larger than the one at No39 Gary where I saw a 12 'or more' piece outfit on Bank Hol Monday, says it all really.
I'll take some pics on Thursday night.


# Posted by Black Thursday - 06/06/2016, 19:04 (GMT)

It's a tight squeeze!!!

# Posted by The Kasuals Solid Sixties Musi... - 06/06/2016, 19:13 (GMT)

You would probably get a 12 piece band on the stage at the Queens if they were all playing recorders.... :)

# Posted by WAGONTOWN - 06/06/2016, 19:26 (GMT)

Or 24 R2D2s playing penny whistles.


# Posted by JUICY - 06/06/2016, 20:46 (GMT)

Be careful Tel, you'll be giving Gary W. ideas for number 39 with talk like that.


# Posted by Mr Cottonhouse - 06/06/2016, 21:55 (GMT)

We've already had them on!

# Posted by Fitz - 06/06/2016, 23:15 (GMT)

Great venue for me! Always good fun, always good crowd, yes was tricky corner though decent space...I believe band are moved since our last gig. I ALWAYS have a smiley night here, and look forward to many more. Was a bit tricky by the gents, so probably better now...happy days at the Queens ??

# Posted by JUICY - 07/06/2016, 00:13 (GMT)

@ Gary, good one.


# Posted by Hush - 07/06/2016, 08:06 (GMT)

I think one of the other things is, If you had a choice of playing there, or somewhere a bit more comfortable, you might just decide to play in a bit more comfort, somewhere else.. Which is a fair shout, In my opinion.
Good luck to the place.

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