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Posted By : Slyder | Comments : 8

Slyder are looking for a drummer

Rocky/Blues Band - Must be competent and have good gear - DW or equivalent.
If you fit the bill and are keen to come on board then phone Mike on 07880544154
Check us out on www.slyder.vpweb.co.uk


# Posted by RockNRoll - 27/05/2016, 14:20 (GMT)

Is there a reason for the DW kit thing or is it Rock n Roll snobbery??? lol

# Posted by ROCKIT - 27/05/2016, 18:37 (GMT)

Whereabouts are you guys based, love to get back into playing some bluesy stuff, just having a listen to your audio on the webpage.

Have commitments at moment and not looking to change, depends what you after, the gig schedule doesn't seem to heavy and would work with what doing at moment.

Am not up to some of the stuff your current guy doing...just being honest - he sounds very good!

This is most recent public stuff have done, single we released with REVISIT in 2014


Influences mainly blues/rock/punk stryle but wide and varied.

Have clips of me doing Blues stuff somewhere, and if an interest happy to share guys.

Kit - haha - Im a drummer...have loads and sure you wouldn't be disappointed! But not a DW fan if honest....can do vintage, handmade and IMHO a kit which would give a top end DW a run for its money! I try to do it justice but fail miserably!

# Posted by Slyder - 30/05/2016, 13:06 (GMT)

Definitely snobbery - seriously were just looking for a drummer with a decent sound and able to tune his/her drums.

Based in Bolton, Wigan and Chorley -

# Posted by Back in Black ACDC Tribute - 30/05/2016, 20:59 (GMT)

Snobbery isn't appealing, great drummer with an ancient Premier kit is still a great drummer.

# Posted by Slyder - 30/05/2016, 22:13 (GMT)

Agreed but a great drummer with a decent kit always sounds better.
But wait delivering judgement on those who are not known to the maiden can prove false just as our statement is also without substance.

# Posted by ben murray - 30/05/2016, 23:31 (GMT)

hahaha this is great

A great drummer can make a more affordable kit sound great. Similarly a shite drummer can make the most expensive kit sound dogshit.

# Posted by Company of Strangers - 08/06/2016, 00:50 (GMT)

Brill lol.
Whoever said a bad workman (or drummer) always blames his tools, never had to the job in the first place. ????

# Posted by Mr Cottonhouse - 08/06/2016, 01:11 (GMT)

Drummer with modern high end sounding kit required....fair enough, there's nothing wrong with that. If the request was for a drummer with an authentic 60's sounding kit then nobody would bat an eyelid.

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