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how long before taking a break wears off?

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Posted By : Bass-tard | Comments : 5

Having "taken a break" from playing gigs whats the usual time scale for band craving?

I must admit I have really enjoyed taking a break from gigging, having some weekends with the family, getting a take away and watching BGT.

Not missed late nights, heavy PA systems etc

However I am drawn like a moth to checking the wanted pages for bass players, why?

will it ever go away or is it inevitable I will be hauling a PA system and bass rig again soon.

Its a disease, must be


# Posted by NIGHT TRAIN - 10/05/2016, 19:00 (GMT)

I aint had a break for thirty years...hahaah...sometimes doing up to 5 gigs a week, be they band or acoustic solo...wouldnt know what to do...on the rare occassions I go and watch another band, I can't really relax, cos I keep thinking I'm on....

Yep, its a disease...and never leaves ya :)

# Posted by The Monkeymen - 11/05/2016, 08:25 (GMT)

You know its time the break is over, when the Mrs lets you know in no uncertain terms that you a pain in the arse, mooching around on Friday & Saturday nights, moaning about what shite is on telly & fidgeting around tutting.

# Posted by MICK NASH - 11/05/2016, 14:22 (GMT)

Let me put it this way.
I had an enforced break in 1984 after dislocating a shoulder.
Doctor’s orders: no gigging for six weeks.
I lasted a fortnight.
Yep, it's a disease...

# Posted by JUICY - 11/05/2016, 14:27 (GMT)

You know it's time to get back when your Mrs. starts to look better than the handbag dancing Harridans at the gigs you do.


# Posted by Roberto, fretboard polisher - 12/05/2016, 09:10 (GMT)

Does nobody on here have any other interests apart from music?! I love doing other stuff aside from gigs, going out, meals, cinema, breaks away at the weekend etc etc

Loving doing an acoustic duo, really different and a departure for me, my love of shredding away on the Ibanez burns bright and constant too though, however I do get a lot enjoyment from recording and teaching guitar too.

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