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Posted By : ThePunkMonkeys | Comments : 22

What do you use?

Im looking at estates. Any recommendations? I currently have a jetta great engine 2.0tdi but its all a bit flash with its low profile alloys and this n that and doesnt have the widest acces for its cavernous boot.

looking for something more practical and somethin that doesnt make you whince at every bump in the road. Any suggestions?


# Posted by THE ROB MARTIN BAND - 09/05/2016, 19:54 (GMT)

Have a look at the Zafira
Fits my lights 2 x 15's PA & monitor
Kit bags etc tripods and other stuff
and next day it fits all my work stuff
Or family stuff.
17 tdi about 49 mpg not very flash
a bit boring but rock solid and doesn't draw
any unwanted attention

# Posted by Jessicas Ghost - 09/05/2016, 20:19 (GMT)

We had a Saab 95 estate until it gave up recently. Was great for space, comfy and a nice ride. If you can find one with low miles they're great cars but there aren't many around these days.

We have a LOT of stuff to get around as I'm married to the drummer so we needed to replace it with something with a big load capacity to get the kit, hardware and half of the bands PA around along with my amp and guitars (acoustic and electrics!) EEK!!

We ended up with a Renault Scenic. 5 weeks on we're still really pleased with it. The back seats come out completely and go back in quite easily (once you've done it a few times!). The diesel is economic, quiet and comfy. It fits all of the stuff we need in after playing band tetris for a bit to find the best way of loading in!

We also looked at the Chrysler Grand Voyager - the model with the stow and go seats is awesome in terms of design. Bit thirsty and mega tax!! They're also HUGE!!!

We found the Zafira and the Touran a little on the small side as the age we could afford didn't have removeable seats - the Zafira does fold up quite cleverly though.

We found the car supermarkets really useful for havign a look at what was available. Ended up buying from Fords of Winsford in the end as they came up with the right deal :)

# Posted by JUICY - 09/05/2016, 20:34 (GMT)

Citroen C4 Picasso Grande.
7 seater and holds a huge amount of gear.

# Posted by ThePunkMonkeys - 09/05/2016, 21:21 (GMT)

I looked at the saab quite like that. I dont think id cope with a people carrier lol i want an ocatvia vrs but i dont think that would go down too well lol looked at volvo v50 too they look good. Spose its important what they like loaded up n need a good loading space nice wide open boot

# Posted by By Appointment only band - 09/05/2016, 21:28 (GMT)

vectra 1.9cdti estate loads of room

# Posted by Jessicas Ghost - 09/05/2016, 22:11 (GMT)

We found the Volvos didn't have as much useable room as you'd expect compared to the Saab which seemed vast. There is a lot of padding etc on the doors etc which limits the load space and with the seats folded up they still seemed to take up a lot of room. We tried a V70 and it wasn't big enough by a way!!

The Mazda 6 is nice and the sportier trimmed models look the business! I had a Mazda 3 before I had to cart drums around too and it was a corker of a car - traded it in for the Saab. The CX7 is a nice looking motor too and if you go for the petrol it's a nice engine to go with the looks :)

The Audis are nice but you may as well buy a VW, in which case you may as well buy a Skoda or a SEAT and get the extras without the price tag - Octavia VRS is lovely but may be a little bit of a firm ride still!! - although they don't do the SEAT version of any of the bigger estates.

We really didn't want a people carrier but we wanted a van even less so it was the lesser of two evils! We went for a nice spec so it doesn't feel to "family car" when it's not being used for the band.

# Posted by Back in Black ACDC Tribute - 09/05/2016, 22:28 (GMT)

Volvo V70 Estate. Automatic.
Great car , loads of room, comfy as being on your side.
love it

# Posted by Havoc 51 - 09/05/2016, 22:48 (GMT)

Nissan Nevara, custom covered the flat bed to fit everything in. Cost $5k overall

# Posted by Howard - Sound and Light Produ... - 10/05/2016, 05:34 (GMT)

random thoughts -
we use a transit for small gigs, a couple of transits for larger gigs but the last car we had (for using during the week) was a chevy orlando, cheap compared with others, particularly so since they closed up shop in europe - they are built in the old Daewoo factory - decent milage (not spectacular) good comfort, reasonable handling, and plenty of space - we often wizz around the country picking up gear and there was always enough space - it's a nominal 7 seater but you will only get small people in the back two seats.
if i were a musician carrying my gear and PA i would have no hesitation getting another - they are part of GM so vauxhall will still stock spares for them.

before that we had an old grand voyager - the seats in the old ones come out in a few seconds with quick releases, in the new ones they fold into the floor - the old ones are cheap ish to buy but float like a boat rather than drive, do about 4 miles to the gallon when full and the electrics are crap - but boy you can fit a load a gear in there!

# Posted by ThePunkMonkeys - 10/05/2016, 08:55 (GMT)

May have a proper look at the saab not a faff for parts? I'd love a van however gotta be able take the wife n kids out too! You're right about the VW thing i had a octavia before this one but I got greedy with power *shame face*

# Posted by The Monkeymen - 10/05/2016, 08:57 (GMT)

As previous, you can pick up a Vectra Estate for decent money, loads of room & pretty solid 1.9 or 2.0 diesel engines, I have run a few of these as company cars with lots of miles & no problems.

# Posted by ThePunkMonkeys - 10/05/2016, 09:02 (GMT)

never drove a vauxhall going have give one a try me thinks. Are they pretty punchy?

# Posted by TheEdge159 - 10/05/2016, 09:15 (GMT)

Citroen C4 Picasso - wins this battle every time, cheap as chips, 5 or 7 seats, takes less than 1 minute to take all seats out and turns into a van, a large van. Easy and cheap to fix and run....

# Posted by Wizdom - 10/05/2016, 11:31 (GMT)

I have a Zafira
4 piece drumkit cymbals and stands box, spare snare
guitar combo
stands bag
leads bag guitar
pedal case
guitar stand amp stand
I colour 4 type light
2. 15" speakers and . 15" sub
Me and my lad.

I currently have the same problem looking for something bit bigger reliable and better on fuel and not much more for tax and insurance. as my car is now 17yrs old and i have had it for 13 of those years it has been a great car but it is nackered now!

# Posted by Rumble Fat Band - 10/05/2016, 12:12 (GMT)

I've got a Toyota Verso and it has acres of room.

I've taken 3 of us with a full Bass Rig, Keyboards and Keyboard Rig and a guitarist and all his stuff to a good few gigs.
Normally travel with Keys man and don't even have to put the seats down with Bass/Keys gear.
If only 2 of you it is the size of a small van with the seats down.
I've been looking to change it and am probably going to get a newer model as I can't find anything that will do the job better.

# Posted by The Kasuals Solid Sixties Musi... - 10/05/2016, 12:21 (GMT)

I have a XLWB Ford Transit, but in the old days I used to use my old Mk2 Ford Mondeo 1.8TD Est, used to be able to carry a hell of a lot of gear. By the time the cambelt had given up the car had covered 360,000mls and drove really well.

I now have a Mk3 Ford Mondeo ST TDCI Estate that I use mainly for personal use, but on occasions were no backline or PA is needed we all jump in that. Can get a couple of Peavey combo's, 4 guitars, pedal boards, snare drum, cymbals and other drum accessories plus 4 suit bags and other bits and bobs. And that is just in the boot space, drop the back seats and it will carry a lot more gear.

But as it is full leather recaro's that won't be happening.

Pretty quick and good on juice.

# Posted by ThePunkMonkeys - 10/05/2016, 13:00 (GMT)

seen a nice citreon c5 estate... decisions decisions! suprising how many people use people carriers. Makes sense though i guess!

# Posted by Jessicas Ghost - 10/05/2016, 16:10 (GMT)

Never had a problem getting parts for the Saab. There are a few specialists around. We weren't happy with Sarbkar in Liverpool so we used Higher Oak in Wrexham for servicing and maintenance.

# Posted by The Kasuals Solid Sixties Musi... - 10/05/2016, 16:18 (GMT)

Parts for Saabs are easier enough to come by as they're pretty much a Vauxhall Vectra.

Ford Galaxy, Seat Alhambra and Volkswagen Sharan (Same body shell) are good for this king of thing as you can take all the rear seats out if you wish leaving plenty of load space. The diesels return pretty good mpg.

# Posted by Jump the Shark (Andy) - 10/05/2016, 19:22 (GMT)

2011 Octavia estate. With seats down it fits:

2 bass cabs
Bass head
4. PA speakers
Guitar cab
2 guitar heads
Various cable boxes, pedalboards, speaker stands etc
3 guitars.
1 passenger

Crucially not enough room for drums so I don't have to lug the bloody things though ;)

It's only a 1.2, cruises fine at motorway speed and does almost 50 mpg. Zero cool points but there you go.


# Posted by Rick Lacey - 15/05/2016, 17:33 (GMT)

Toyota RAV4

Rock solid
Completely flat floor with the back seats down
Ideal height for loading in and out
Tales me, 5 piece kit, bass player and his stuff easily and still has space. Once added the keyboard player and his gear on a trip to Barrow

Ideal for trips to IKEA or the recycling tip
Great for aging parents
Brilliant for Mrs L as she owns a doggy daycare centre and finds it ideal for ferrying around pooches.

Back seats have adjustable foot space and recline

Diesel unit 2.2Td gives good power / torque and 45mpg

After having BMW, Mercedes and Alfa Romeo cars or is a bit on the Safe and utilitarian side, somewhat soulless but practically it is the ideal car for gigging and for general everyday use.

# Posted by the thunder katz - 16/05/2016, 12:16 (GMT)

i have a ford galaxy diesel i get a 6 pce kit 40in hardware case full pa system and 2 combo amps and more odds n sods,and still get 50mpg there superb,if you take out all rear seats you can fit even more in

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