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RCF Evox 8 system Review

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Posted By : james luke | Comments : 6

well I got them in the end...

I have actually had these for about 3 weeks now, but only managed to use them a couple of time due to band gigs etc.
I have now used them in a couple of very different rooms so thought I would put my findings on here.
They are 700 watt RMS per side (1400 watt peak) , doesn't seem much after what I've been used to using to be honest and I thought they were going to lag behind the nexo system I use for band gigs etc.
They don't !!!!
In a long room, I'm talking about approx. 80 feet long with a couple of pillars and a couple of small room sized seating areas off to the side, They performed brilliantly. Crystal clear sound and a surprisingly good bass response from only a 12" sub. Now you wont "feel" the bass like you do with 10 x 18" drivers and 10,000 watts, but you certainly do feel it. I was gobsmacked .
Pushing it up to only 1/3 volume on the desk was more than enough for this venue.
I had a wander around all the little nook & crannie rooms, and there was no real loss of volume or quality. At the very back of the room there was an obvious drop in volume, but to be honest, if you are standing that far back you are not really listening to the band and the slight drop in volume would be fine for you to talk over. Nevertheless the quality was still there and the extra power to reach that far back, if needed was there.
Next room was a medium sized room, maybe 40 feet long and about 60 feet wide , with two rooms going off to the sides. I was set up in front of a raised seating area ( of which there were still people there !!) Lots of pillars and the bar directly opposite me. About 1/4 volume on the desk. Again I had a wander round and got the same result. Even up on the raised area behind me, the sound was still very good. I even pointed a speaker directly at a pillar to see what would happen, and there was no real difference.
For a solo or duo act , I don't think there is much better out there. I was a little concerned at first and thought maybe I had bought them too quickly, but all those thoughts soon vanished when I heard them in a real pub environment. I know Jeepster Gaz uses this system for his band, and I can fully understand why he is so happy with them.
These speakers have a 120 degree coverage which means even standing slightly behind and over to the side of them , you still get a quality sound and decent volume level. For the size of venues I do on solo & duo gigs , I will now always use this system and the big heavy nexo PA can stay home and have a well deserved rest. The RCF at about 25 kg per unit , is easy enough to carry one in each hand into a venue.

Ease of set up 10/10
Sound quality & power 9/10 ( only because I have not had the chance to push it to the limits, but I am sure it would perform if I did)
Value for money 9/10 ( At £2100 they are not cheap, but they save my back, they are easy to set up, with only a small footprint and they have a 3 year warranty)
build quality 10/10 very rugged solid units, screw together poles to hold top units, the poles are actually better than what I use for 30 kg top speakers, They also screw into bass bin unit making it very stable.

I cannot praise these highly enough and for what I do I cannot see me using anything else unless I'm in a massive room, even then I would certainly give them a try ha ha...I probably haven't covered everything and if you have any questions feel free to ask.

P.S. RCF if you are reading this, yes I would accept and endorsement deal from you to try the Evox 12 system ..nudge nudge , wink wink )


# Posted by MICK NASH - 29/03/2016, 10:57 (GMT)

Nice review, James.
After testing the Evox last week I decided to go for RCF Art 732As as they seem to suit my sound better (time will tell). I expect to pick them up today and hope to gig them soon so I can sell my FBT Verves 15s, which are more suited to bands than solos.
The Evox 8s are impressive though. Very powerful and portable.

# Posted by james luke - 29/03/2016, 11:19 (GMT)

Cheers Mick,
I really get on with this system, more than a little impressed to say the least ... In fact I think when I went out the front when our kid was playing through them, I may have just done a little wee ;-)

# Posted by Jeepster Gaz ( RailerMania ) - 29/03/2016, 13:11 (GMT)

I knew you would like them


# Posted by james luke - 29/03/2016, 14:29 (GMT)

I do buddy, I mean I REALLY do ha ha...brilliant sound and perfect for me

# Posted by Jeepster Gaz ( RailerMania ) - 29/03/2016, 19:58 (GMT)

They are 1400 watts per side by the way and I'll be honest James, They are still impressing us at every gig..........People have said how much clearer and punchier we sound with this system....

We are very very pleased with them !


Ultra Portable Design

The RCF EVOX 8 has an ultra portable and compact design, providing unrivalled ease of transportation. The satellite speaker fits neatly into a special socket on the back side of the Sub unit, as shown in the images above. The pole mount screws onto the Sub top side during setup, and separates into two single parts in order to place it in the transportation bag (sold separately).

Versatile Multi Purpose System

The EVOX's incredible sound quality and portability make it perfect for a wide range of uses, from live music and DJ performances to spoken-word applications including conferences and presentations. With a peak power of 1400 W and maximum SPL of 128 dB, the high performance 12" woofer and 2" full range drivers offer tight and full sound across the entire frequency range.

Integrated Digital Signal Processing

The EVOX 8 features built-in Digital Signal Processing (DSP), including an EQ switch and limiter circuit. The EQ switch offers two options, "Flat" and "Boost". The "Boost" setting is recommended for background music applications, adding much-needed colour to the sound when used at low volume levels. For all other purposes, the "Flat" setting is ideal, offering a neutral frequency response for unparalleled natural sound reproduction.


1400 W peak power
128 dB peak SPL
40 Hz - 20 kHz frequency response
12" Woofer, 2.5" voice coil
8 x 2" Ultra compact fullrange, 1.0" voice coil
120° x 30° slightly tilted pattern control
Innovative DSP processing
Pole mountable, easy set-up and transportation

Acoustical Specifications

Frequency Response -3 dB: 40 Hz - 20 kHz
Max SPL: 128 dB
Horizontal coverage angle: 120°
Vertical coverage angle: 30°
Fullrange: 8 x 2", 1.0" v.c.
Woofer: 12", 2.5" v.c.
Input/Output Section

Input connectors: Jack-XLR male
Output connectors: XLR female
Input sensitivity: -2 dBu / + 4 dBu
Processor Section

Crossover frequencies: 220 Hz
Protections: Thermal, RMS
Limiter: Soft limiter
Controls: Volume, EQ, phase, crossover
Amplifier Specifications

Total power: 1400 W peak
High frequencies: 400 W peak
Low frequencies: 1000 W peak
Total power: 700 W RMS
High frequencies: 200 W RMS
Low frequencies: 500 W RMS
Cooling: Convection
Connections: VDE connector
Physical Specifications

Cabinet Material: Baltic Birch plywood
Hardware: 2 x M6
Handles: 1 top
Pole Mount/Cap: Yes
Colour: Black
Height: 530 mm (20.86")
Width: 346 mm (13.62")
Depth: 459 mm (18.10")
Net Weight: 23.8 kg (50.70 lbs)

In a nutshell, they are the bollox !

# Posted by james luke - 30/03/2016, 07:46 (GMT)

yeah they are 1400 watt peak but 700 watt RMS...
Which means they will handle bursts of 1400 watts but actually run safely at 700watts without risking any damage to speaker or amp. Well that is pretty much how I have always understood it. I think you have such a high performance level (128dB) is due to the fact that you don't have long speaker cable runs and the efficiency that the amp produces its power to the speakers.
I am sure there are people that know a lot more about RMS & peak power but I think that's pretty close.
Either way , as you say....they are the bollox !!
very happy with them indeed :-)

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