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RCF Evox 8 system , anybody had any dealings with them

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Posted By : james luke | Comments : 10

Looking to downsize rig for smaller venues

I have heard great things about these and am currently waiting for local PA guy to get them in on demo.. Just wondering if any of you had any experience with this system.. Its quite small with only a 12inch sub, but I would be getting two sets..Anybody ???
cheers in advance.



# Posted by RailerMania - 28/01/2016, 16:46 (GMT)

We've got one James. we bought two of them 1400 watts per side....We cant believe how good it is.

We had a little worry about the size of the bass bins being able to do the job. Believe me they do exactly whats needed, its an incredible system. Very lightweight, very small and it sounds amazing ! Highly recommended !

# Posted by james luke - 28/01/2016, 17:05 (GMT)

cheers buddy, just waiting for demo then I can listen for myself..but hopefully all will be good

# Posted by MICK NASH - 28/01/2016, 20:32 (GMT)

Tried one in PMT Manchester last year. Very powerful for such a small unit but time will tell about reliability, spares/repairs etc. would be interested to hear your opinion after your demo.
There some rave reviews on Thomann site.

# Posted by james luke - 28/01/2016, 21:12 (GMT)

yeah, the guy who is getting them in on demo is a good mate and wouldn't steer me wrong just for the sake of a sale, so I trust him when he says for the price and size there is not much better out there... will keep you informed Mick

# Posted by Marauder - 29/01/2016, 09:24 (GMT)

they look awesome, £2200 for a set though lol

# Posted by james luke - 29/01/2016, 10:03 (GMT)

Hopefully he will come in slightly under that for me ...
Just thinking about the practicality of lugging 2 x 15" tops and a sub and amp in for a gig that would probably do with this system.. One load for the speakers, one for desk & lights and one for guitars.. am getting on a bit now, have to think about my back ha ha...
I wait with baited breath :-)

# Posted by Jeepster Gaz ( RailerMania ) - 29/01/2016, 10:29 (GMT)

You won't be sorry James with this kit. The way the tops sit in the bass bins is brilliant. We bought the cases as well that also house the poles. It's just like carrying two suitcases in. We can't get over how good they sound !

# Posted by WAGONTOWN - 29/01/2016, 11:01 (GMT)

Let us know when yr gigging them James, or Gaz.


# Posted by james luke - 29/01/2016, 13:31 (GMT)

Cheers Gaz, I am very tempted...just need to hear them , but am sure I'll be sold on them..
Tel will deffo give you the heads up buddy ;-)

# Posted by MICK NASH - 30/01/2016, 12:25 (GMT)

@ Gaz
Do you use them as your main rig with OTR? If so, what goes though them (just vox or a bit of everything)?
@ James
Keep me posted, I’d be interested to hear them in action. I ran an Ipod through one in PMT and it filled the room but haven’t tried guit/voc. They look promising though, could be the future.

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