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Shure Beta 56A

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Posted By : THE STANCE | Comments : 1

Anyone got one?


A bit of a long shot, does anybody have a Shure Beta 56A that they could let me borrow?

I'm a singing drummer and want to try one as a vocal mic before I spend my pennies on one of my own.




# Posted by Mister P - 21/01/2016, 18:58 (GMT)

Hi Dan, I'm a singing drummer also ( backing and lead) and had issues with my trusty SM58 picking up to much bleed form my snare and kit in general so I tried an SM57 which improved matters. I wanted something even smaller and less intrusive so I dug out my snare / tom mic, a JTS TX-6, which is basically a chinese copy of the 56a. For live work in pubs & clubs I can highly recommend it. It obviously won't be up to Shure quality but you can get them new for around 35/40 quid which is a big saving on the £100 plus you may pay for the Shure 56a. I'm up in Huncoat and work in Rawtenstall. If you are ever passing this way, you are more than welcome to borrow for a try out providing you don't smoke 60 a day and eat a curry before gigs! I might even sell it for £20 or so as I'm on a sort of drum vacation at the mo. My numbers are on my profile. Mister P.

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