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Keep Live Music Alive

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Support your venues

hi every one

it's great we all love live musice and keep it alive,

but we have to remember that without the great venues we have we are lost.

They are stuggling to stay open, as much as we need places to play they need our support

The venues do an amazing job we all need to keep going to them even when we are not giggin and tell our freinds to get down and see what they are missing.

Keep Live Music Alive


# Posted by Dillinger - 15/11/2009, 14:01 (GMT)

ear ear lynda, you will find that around chorley area the bands make a special effort to support each other whenever they have a free night off,
and i am shur that goes accross the board for NWBS members in general. there are lots of blogs that go way back on this subject, the brewerys are coining it in on beer sales or they would not be in buisness, i think they want people to go to the pubs, drink themselfs into oblivion quietly in the bar then go home, sober up and repeat till the liver packs up, what the hell is beer anyway, its flavored water, how much does a few hops cost for crying out loud, RIP OFFFF. sorry.

# Posted by Call me Diva - 15/11/2009, 17:24 (GMT)

Talking of Chorley are there any that will let bands playing original music play?

# Posted by Dillinger - 15/11/2009, 17:38 (GMT)

hi janie, let me think about that one, the railway does a jam thing on sunday afternoons, you may have to go down and just do a couple or three numbers to show yourselfs off to the land lady, hell i can call in and ask for you anyway in the week chuck.

# Posted by Call me Diva - 15/11/2009, 18:09 (GMT)

Thanks xx

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