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Attention Drummers. Massive Quality Cymbal Sale.

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Paiste & Zildjian Cymbals for Sale and Pearl Double Pedal.

All in very good to excellent condition. Used but never abused.
Can be viewed Accrington area or Rawtenstall.
Price is only a guideline based on Ebay sold prices so everything is open to sensible offers and happy to give extra discounts for multiple item purchases.
Also see my previous post for drum kits for sale.

Pop me a message on proctor-p1@sky.com or ring/text on 07816 570051 if you need any more info.

Zildjian Fast China, 14", £25.00.
Paiste Alpha 18" Medium Crash, £70.00.
Paiste Alpha, 16" Power Crash. £60.00.
Zildjian ZHT , 14" Fast Crash. £30.00.
Paiste 2002, 14" Sound Edge Hi hats,(pair) £180.00.
Paiste 2002, 14" Crash. £100.00
Paiste 2002, 16" Power Crash. £100.00.
Paiste 2002, 18, medium Crash. £120.00.
Pearl 1002 series double Pedal, With carry case. £100.00.

Also Coming Soon For Sale...Roland TD-3KW. V Drums Electronic Drum Kit.

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