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jd meatyard tonight

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Posted By : Mr Cottonhouse | Comments : 3

in Salford

The penultimate gig of The Independants tour arrives in Salford this evening at The Cresent with former Levellers 5 and Calvin Party frontman John Donaldson (JD) and his trio which includes long standing guitarist Steven Lindley (Levellers 5, Full Zimbabwe, Gone Beggin') and myself on percussion.

Cannonball Statman from New York, Michael Conroy (The Orch) Tamsin A and The Hamsters complete the bill for this evenings show.

Quite political.... and swear words are guaranteed so stay away if easily offended - or if you happen to be a Daily Mail reader.

Doors 8pm

There will be a small admission fee.


# Posted by Mr Cottonhouse - 31/10/2015, 15:42 (GMT)

aprox times for tonight:

8-30 Mick Conroy intro , poems
8- 40 Tamsin
9-10 Mick Conroy
9-15 Hamsters
9-45 Mick Conroy
9-55 Jesse Statman
10-30 Mick Conroy
10 -35 JD Meatyard

# Posted by Morocco - 31/10/2015, 15:58 (GMT)

Worth going, just to experience Jesse Statman - never seen anything like it (which is not to say, I think he's good...) - but JD and Gary / Steve are really good so well worth the effort to visit Salford and catch this unique gig. Unless you happen to be in the vicinity of Walkden that is - in which case you'll be heading for The New Inn, obviously !! Have another good one, Gary !!!

# Posted by Mr Cottonhouse - 31/10/2015, 16:06 (GMT)

And you too, cheers Norman!

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