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Back on the throne after a year's break

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Posted By : Dean (Drummer) | Comments : 7

And it feels good

Well that went fast. A year's break from band duties since leaving the Camdens last summer. Basically a year of drinking fine Cumbrian ale but now ready to get back into smashing the skins.

Kept a low profile here as I've had nowt interesting to say. But as I'll be back gigging and doing all the usual bandy things I'll be able to stick my tuppence in on all the usual NWB debates and tantrums ;)

The band I'll be playing for are currently bookings gigs for 2016 but here's how it's looking so far:

Nov 26 - Three Tuns, Gateshead (w/ UK Subs)
Dec 5 - Club Rock, Carlisle (w/ Resistance 77)
Dec 12 - Three Tuns, Gateshead (w/ The Business)
Feb 6 - Conservative Club, Penrith
Feb 20 - The Northern, Bradford
Apr 16 - Darlington (private function)
May 12 - Trillians, Newcastle
May 27-29 - NICE N SLEAZY FESTIVAL, Morcambe
Jul 16 - Hunwick WMC, Hunwick
Aug 4-7 - REBELLION FESTIVAL, Blackpool
Aug 27 - The Bobbin, Lancaster

Oh yeah and the band is called NO THRILLS


# Posted by Hush - 30/10/2015, 16:53 (GMT)

Awesome mate.

# Posted by the old cock and oak bar. HALI... - 30/10/2015, 17:23 (GMT)

fantastic news. xx

# Posted by Covered in punk - 30/10/2015, 19:47 (GMT)

The Bobbin, I've done many gigs there back in the days of living in Lancaster. Always a top night and a real central focus for the alternative scene. If it's anything like it used to be you're in for a brilliant night :)

# Posted by Dean (Drummer) - 30/10/2015, 21:43 (GMT)

Cheers guys, can't wait to get stuck in.


# Posted by Fanny Oakley - 31/10/2015, 15:20 (GMT)

nice one Dean good luck with it x

# Posted by Wizdom - 02/11/2015, 06:55 (GMT)

Good Luck Dean!

# Posted by Dean (Drummer) - 02/11/2015, 10:08 (GMT)

Cheers :)

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