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Tony Wardle Vocalist With Alfie Ibbotson. Non Alfie Project

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First Recorded Demo On You Tube Of A New Recording Project And Planned Album .

As well as the live band I have the pleasure to sing with , I've recently become involved with a recording project, recording and playing original compositions in the style of Blues Rock and America. This track is essentially a demo for the musicians involved to see if the process was going to work and recorded primarily as a thank you to its writer, our good friend and a guy who I see as a mentor since my early days of settling down here in the NW, Mr Lucas Campbell.
Lucas helped introduce some of the guys from the project to each other.
It has come as a complete surprise therefore that this track which was never really meant as any sort of release has been played on digital radio throughout Europe and I believe also in the USA ... We are planning to record an album soon with pre production well on the way. Demo tracks have been laid down by Geoff Rees who is essentially the Musical Director, Producer and Main Song writer of the project. He has recorded several songs in demo form that will be our working template for the planned album. I'm looking forward to the project as its been a while since I have preformed original music and I'm enjoying helping out with Lyrics and contributing to the team effort. The songs even in their present demo form stand up as music I want to be a part of......Geoff has done a great job... Its early days ..


# Posted by Wizdom - 24/10/2015, 03:33 (GMT)

Really suits your voice!

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