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Tonight Tonight

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Posted By : CRUSH | Comments : 5

Won't be just any night......

First time for Crush tonight!...... The Bowling Green in Horwich is playing mien host to Crush, and hopefully a few faces, old and new!.....
Shhhh!......Secret!.... We've got a sneaky little surprise adopted Crusher helping us out and playing the drums tonight! He's very nervous as he's never played with Crush at the Bowling Green before! He needs supporting! Come on Down!
Yee Ha! Hot Dang!... (that's a clue) and NO!!!!..... it's not Wagontown's drummer! Ha Ha...
Pete the Bass, packed up and ready to go!

(yes I KNOW Tel hasn't got a drummer!...Hence the chuckle!)


# Posted by JUICY - 23/10/2015, 21:40 (GMT)

Thanks for the heads up Pete,
I'll remember you when we need a dep Bass player.


Juice ex Juicy.

# Posted by WAGONTOWN - 24/10/2015, 00:26 (GMT)

Well now then Crush, 4 years of us giggin wi no drummer must give you a sneaking suspicion they're on the way out. Rick's not packed up fer nowt tha knows ?


# Posted by 45s - 24/10/2015, 00:38 (GMT)

hahahahahahaha !!!

# Posted by CRUSH... - 24/10/2015, 02:12 (GMT)

Brilliant, Tel!.... Spot on! Pmsl!


Just a mo....

Is that a blog I'm reading for some soul-mates to join Rick, back on the road???? on a later blog than this?

The Commitments/Blues Bros re-born?

Yee ha!.... I feel good!.da di da di da di dah... I knew that I would....da di da di da di dah

Pete, still (non-herbally) high from an earlier musical soiree!

# Posted by WAGONTOWN - 24/10/2015, 07:53 (GMT)

Horses for courses I suppose Pete, but drums just ain't us. Only one person in 4 years has said we need a drummer and he was ' you guessed it' a drummer. Tbh I don't think anyone notices anyway as I provide some percussion with my Doghouse bass. Someone actually accused us of having backing tracks once because they could hear a beat going. Haha. Objective achieved.


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