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jd meatyard tonight

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LevFest - Manchester

We are delighted to be bringing JD Meatyard to south Manchester, as part of his Independents tour of the UK. The show takes place at Fred's Ale House on Friday 23rd October and launches this year's LevFest.

Special guests are Cannonball Statman, Michael Conroy and Glossop's own, Quiet Loner.

Tickets are on sale now at:


JD Meatyard

JD meatyard…sometime Glasgow, Manchester , Liverpool, Rotterdam… Andaluce…. … … … … … … .May 2015 saw the release of the third JD Meatyard album on Probe Plus…'Taking the Asylum’ featured on BBC 6 Music’s Gideon Coe show, SITSOL, Sonic Diary, Trust The Wizards, FAB Radio, Dandelion Radio…and many more.

People have noted: “This combination of the personal and the political, the love songs and rage, works perfectly in creating a passionately intelligent and heartfelt look at the world we live in"

"JD Meatyard struck a chord in me and its still ringing. Songs of passion. Songs of anger. Songs of loss. Songs from the heart. If he was any more authentic they’d lock him up. In fact I suspect they might do anyway. Catch him while you can”

The late and very great john peel gave JD’s bands many of his much valued sessions, JP releasing one on his own label ‘Dandelion Records and garnering 2 gold star entries in Peelie’s Festive 50. Lately, shows at NYC’s Anti Folk Festival and supports with label pals HMHB have created a whole new audience for the JD Meatyard project. Watch out for jd meatyard’s ‘Independents Tour’ in October, joined by New York’s finest Jesse Cannonball Statman and MC/poet Michael Conroy together with a local ‘special guest’ artist joining us for each show. These nights will be something else.

Cannonball Statman (NYC)

Cannonballism: it's what's for dinner. Brooklyn native Cannonball Statman's debut album "Icepick" was self-released in Spring 2014, followed by a USA tour with NYC-based art rock band The Grasping Straws. In 2015, he continues touring, recording, and performing in NYC, while drumming in rock and roll supertrio The Dick Jokes, organizing live events in the NYC Antifolk scene, and editing the music section for local community newspaper Boog City. "Shriekofafreak!", the follow-up to "Icepick", will be released Summer 2015.

"The acoustic punk attack of Antifolk by way of black metal." (The Deli Magazine)

"One part Les Claypool. One part Mr. Bungle. All parts acoustic folk punk. Cannonball Statman has some zany lyrics and amazing guitar skills, but the real spectacle comes from his live shows." (The Aquarian Weekly)

"Support this fiery-haired, anti-folk freak, Cannonball Statman at Palisades tonight. He’s a Brooklyn-born, guitar strumming, speed rapping fellow (a la Neal Cassady, just without the misogyny- booya)." (The L Magazine)

"A bristling ball of energy." (Creative Loafing Charlotte)

Michael Conroy

Formerly of The Orch, Michael will be delivering hard hitting poetry as well as glueing the whole evening together in between the live music.

Support comes from Quiet Loner.

Doors 8pm.

£6 on the door.


# Posted by Asa - 23/10/2015, 15:38 (GMT)

I can't wait for Juice to come in and say something witty/sarcastic.

# Posted by Mr Cottonhouse - 23/10/2015, 16:10 (GMT)

He's lined up for tomorrows gig in Sheffield!


# Posted by JUICY - 23/10/2015, 16:16 (GMT)

No I'm not taking the bait.
However,how come you haven't been promoting your stain-free forum for a while?

I was going to go to Sheffield tomorrow night but I forgot my Band JUICY are playing at The Hare and Hounds in Blackburn.
The Hare and Hounds is an example of how the common man can go head to head with Corporate conglomerates and win.
(how's that for politics in action)

Joooooooossssssssssseeeeeeeee. ( insert semi-colon, dash and close bracket symbols here)

# Posted by Asa - 23/10/2015, 17:04 (GMT)

@Juicy - "However,how come you haven't been promoting your stain-free forum for a while?"

Because someone got their knickers in a twist about it. It's still stain free. It's still free. It's still running. It has no spam. It has no trolls. It has no knobheads. I'd like to keep it that way.

# Posted by JUICY - 23/10/2015, 17:49 (GMT)

I'm really surprised that someone "got their knickers in a twist about it" all you're doing is promoting your site on someone else's.
Our band regularly put posters up in pubs promoting our gigs at other pubs we are playing.
Actually ( sarcasm apart), I've witnessed many a time, Bands and other "Artistes" (usually of the Karaoke Tribute type ) telling people where they will be the week after.

Juice (of JUICY© )

# Posted by WAGONTOWN - 23/10/2015, 19:27 (GMT)

Oh come on ASA nwm you must be missing the sarcasm, wit, banter, nasty bastards, wind ups and people who put blogs on about charity work then deletes as soon as someone posts something against the grain...on your forum otherwise ya wouldn't sign in ..lol.


# Posted by JUICY - 23/10/2015, 21:23 (GMT)

Tel I think you're on to something.
Note the way he was the first to comment on the Prince of Politics posting and virtually tempted me to write something sarcastic or witty?
This can only mean that his site is so boring that he has to descend to the NWB level of Hell to get his fix!


# Posted by Mr Cottonhouse - 24/10/2015, 12:27 (GMT)

Noted (#37) - "The Prince Of Politics"

I like that. My main comment is that there is only one rule in music....and that is - there is an exception too every rule. That is not the case however in politics because I am right.


# Posted by Mr Cottonhouse - 24/10/2015, 12:29 (GMT)

Isn't Levenshulme a strange place? I don't think that I had ever been there before. It was a good gig anyway, a very appreciative audience.

# Posted by JUICY - 24/10/2015, 14:03 (GMT)

@ Gary

I would have thought that someone of your exceptional talents would be capable of spelling "to" correctly in the context of your post.

I'm glad you like that latest title,I've got some other for your good self that I haven't used yet.

All the best "Keep the Red Flag flying"

Juice ex Juicy.

# Posted by Mr Cottonhouse - 24/10/2015, 15:25 (GMT)

Lol - Must have been a predictive text mistake because I would never be so grammatically incorrect on a public forum under normal circumstances.

I have noted your request and I will brush off the chords and am happy to back you at the next 'Songs From The Wood' open mic night in a few weeks. If you forget the words, you can just slip into 'Oh Christmas Tree' and 'it'll be grand'.

For the "Prince Of Grammar" (which incidentally should not be in speech marks) - should my 'full stop' be after the apostrophe or before the apostrophe following the word 'grand' on that last sentence?)

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