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Drummer Wanted!!

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Posted By : Absolute Heroes | Comments : 5


Our drummer has gone off to Uni and may not return - need a replacement as soon as possible as we are turning down gigs!!!

We play coers from The Jam, Arctic Monkeys, The Clash, Green Day, Foo Figthers, The Specials, kaiser chefs, sex pistols etc...

We only play a couple of times a month max & have use of a great practise room, send us a pm if you are interested.

(Blackburn/Accrington/Darwen Area)



# Posted by MickL - 24/10/2015, 19:23 (GMT)

What's the age profile of the band? Do you have an age range in mind for the drummer you are looking for?

# Posted by Absolute Heroes - 24/10/2015, 21:32 (GMT)

Our last drummer was the bass players son at 21
we are in our 40s but age is no issue with us..

# Posted by MickL - 25/10/2015, 19:20 (GMT)

I might be able to help you out, but I'm committed to gigs until December. Sounds like you need someone before then. Cheers.

# Posted by winterburn - 09/11/2015, 19:19 (GMT)

I'd be happy to cover with a view to maybe more available now for gig's will probably know all the stuff you play as I grew up with it and will have it in my record (yes vinyl) collection.

# Posted by Absolute Heroes - 09/11/2015, 20:00 (GMT)

Cheers everyone, I'll be in touch when we've decided what we are doing!

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