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Rehearsal Room available

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Posted By : The Starlings | Comments : 2

Large clean room in central manchester

I have a couple of slots available in my rehearsal room in Wellington House Mill M40 7FS.
Included is:
A good P.A consisting of 2x Mackie 500watt active 15", Soundcraft mixing desk, all mics cables stands.
Included will be a couple of Marshall Valvestates and an Ampeg PF500 watt bass amp and Ampeg Classic 4x10, and a Slingerland 4 piece kit (bring your own cymbals and snare).
The room is large and clean, smells lovely and makes you rehearse like a mofo.

One of my regular bands has ceased to be, so there is a permanent slot, which includes some storage, and various casual slots, if that's what you need.
If you're interested, let me know and I can send you pics/links etc and I'm also very happy for you to come and have a brew and a snoop etc.
Dave M


# Posted by Never Say Never - 10/11/2015, 08:41 (GMT)

Hi Dave can you give me details on what it would cost and everything as we are a new band and need a venue to practice and everything. Colin

# Posted by The Starlings - 10/11/2015, 09:34 (GMT)

And messaged.

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