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P.A Hire available

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Great P.A for pubs and clubs

Available for hire a very good P.A and experienced sound engineer.
I have a range of sizes of rig depending on your needs, consisting of D.A.S 10"tops x4, Bill Fitzmaurice DR250 tops x2 and Precision Devices loaded 15" or 18" subs.x6
The rig will come with either a Soundcraft Ui16 or a Soundcraft SI Expression 1depending on your budget.
I can mix on either desk remotely from my iPad to give a much better mix from the audiences perspective without any multicores or mess.
I can do up to 6 way individual monitor (Beyma co-axial12")wedges, as well as 2x In Ear wireless (more if wired) monitors and have a range of LED par cans and lighting controller if needed.
I can record your gig direct to multitrack in Logic for studio mixing later for a superb Live Demo at very reasonable rates.

I have worked the same pubs and clubs as you for many years so I know what you need, and what the Landladies want!
So, if you have no P.A, or simply need a bigger better and more accomplished sound with an experienced ear for that big gig/wedding etc, give me a call.
I'm very affordable : )
Dave M


# Posted by Tony @ Interfuture - 23/10/2015, 12:18 (GMT)

I can vouch for Dave's services

He has done numerous events and gigs for us..

great guy / great gear / great prices


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