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sad, sad news indeed

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Posted By : Alyerpal | Comments : 44

Willow of Some big Fish is with us no longer

Just heard that Willow has passed away.
I don't have any more details at the moment, but I'm sure more will be forthcoming.
One of the first guys I met from this site and still my all time favourite band.
RIP big fella......



# Posted by Mr Cottonhouse - 21/10/2015, 14:24 (GMT)

A desperately sad day for all. His interactions on here always cheered me up especially his late night ramblings after a few real ales which he often deleted the following day! RIP big man.

# Posted by Roj (Black Rose) - 21/10/2015, 14:42 (GMT)

Willow was a great bloke and also loved his band, can't believe it, shocking news. R.I.P. big man.

# Posted by james luke - 21/10/2015, 14:48 (GMT)

Only met Willow on a few occasions...normally drunken ones, But a thoroughly genuine fella and a witty one at that. Very very sad to hear of his passing. R.I.P. fella, thoughts go out to his family .

# Posted by NIGHT TRAIN - 21/10/2015, 14:52 (GMT)

aw no....

always wondered if he'd be back in a band sometime, and yeh his late night 'ramblings' were great...and yeh he did delete some next day...
He came to play Buskers Ball solo a couple of times too.....
Yeh real sad day for obviously his family, but also the NWB 'community'...one of the original characters ....real shame
RIP big man!

# Posted by 45s - 21/10/2015, 15:00 (GMT)

Absolutely gutted.

He was playing golf early this morning - saw a pic on facebook.

R.I.P. Big Fella

# Posted by Stonehouse - 21/10/2015, 15:17 (GMT)

Blimey that's not good. Only met Willow a couple of times but have to say , he was a lovely fella. I have some videos somewhere of the band performing at Whittles about four years ago.Will post if I find them.


# Posted by TEX & THE HARDCORE TROUBAD... - 21/10/2015, 15:17 (GMT)

I heard the news that he passed away yesterday sometime. Totally stunned tbh. I will find out more when I return to the UK tomorrow. A good buddy and neighbour who I will miss, real real sad news
RIP Dave

# Posted by John Wilkinson: - 21/10/2015, 15:19 (GMT)

Never met the chap but loved his sense of humour on here.....

RIP matey and condolences to his family at this sad time....

God bless


# Posted by WAGONTOWN - 21/10/2015, 15:28 (GMT)

Gutted. His wit and humour was the main reason I joined NWB a few years ago. One of the few who came to Leyland to see us when we first kicked off with Wagontown. Not seen him since a Tex gig at Wigan, lord knows when...RIP Willow.


# Posted by Graham - Mustard - 21/10/2015, 15:49 (GMT)


That's terrible news...another good guy gone too soon

R.I.P. Willow

# Posted by Scott - 21/10/2015, 15:50 (GMT)

Shocked and Stunned
First met him at the Hop Pocket at the Twin Lizzy gig when we broke Roj with the first cowbell assault.
Was such a funny guy. I'll need to dig out the revenge of the cowbell video as watching him clatter the cymbals is a moment I will never forget.
Rest in peace big man
U will will be missed.

# Posted by Asa - 21/10/2015, 16:08 (GMT)

Really sad news. He was a legend on NWB and decent chap in real life too.

RIP Willow.

# Posted by Phoenix - 21/10/2015, 16:18 (GMT)

Willow was always kind to us.....R.I.P. me old mate.

# Posted by 45s - 21/10/2015, 16:24 (GMT)

Few years ago at Jackie and Wullies Pub (Old Bank) Blackpool.
TheBigFish .........



# Posted by Roj (Black Rose) - 21/10/2015, 16:25 (GMT)

One of my fondest memories was watching Willow's band at a pub in Wigan (sorry, but can't remember the name) one Sunday afternoon, there where a good few of us there including Al, Rick and I think Tex was there as well, a great afternoon. Sadly these do's don't happen anymore. You will be sorely missed Willow.

# Posted by MICK NASH - 21/10/2015, 16:28 (GMT)

R.I.P Willow

# Posted by James - Metalleeka + AC/DCe - 21/10/2015, 16:36 (GMT)

sad news.. gobsmacked..

His local bookmakers will no doubt have mixed feelings...

RIP Willow

# Posted by THE POWER 3 - 21/10/2015, 16:37 (GMT)

Never met the guy or saw his band but by all your comments a top bloke RIP.


# Posted by MilkPunx - 21/10/2015, 16:44 (GMT)

shocking, awful news. Great memories of playing with Willow as the Big Fish, a hugely talented larger than life character who will be sorely missed by many. My thoughts are with Caroline, hard times indeed.

# Posted by Steaming Richard (bass) - 21/10/2015, 17:33 (GMT)

Never met other than on here. Very sad, condolences to family & friends

# Posted by Wizdom - 21/10/2015, 17:41 (GMT)

Was the first person I got friendly with when I joined NWB and the wired thing is
I was reading an old blog last night which he had commented on and I thought
god It's while since i saw him on this site very sad R.I.P. pal ! Condolences
to all another great loss!

# Posted by rebelfrontman - 21/10/2015, 17:57 (GMT)

Bloody hell! Will miss his straight talking blogs. RIP Willow. You'll be missed fella.

# Posted by Jump the Shark (Andy) - 21/10/2015, 18:10 (GMT)

Only met him once at a Big Fish gig at Wangies with Al, Tex, Skips and a few others when I was still brand new to NWB and trying to put faces to profiles.

Struck me as a very genuine bloke. Hope his family are holding up.


# Posted by Aces N Eights - 21/10/2015, 18:15 (GMT)

Al you and Willow were the first people to welcome me to NWB all those years ago, and I'll never forget you 2 taking me under your wing when i didn't have a clue about posting blogs advertising gigs etc, I'll always appreciate that.
Straight talking but had a big heart as well.
I loved it when you and Willow and the NWB MOB used to come see us play, always had a good laugh with him and sing a bit of Steve Earle at the break with him and he even filmed a bit if a vid of us at the flying shuttle and gave it us no charge.
I used to speak to him on fb but not seen him in a while but gonna miss him.
Sleep well brother

# Posted by Poundstone - 21/10/2015, 18:25 (GMT)

Genuinely good bloke who said what he meant and meant what he said. We were polar opposites musically but shared a passion for live music which appears all too rare in the modern age. RIP fella.

# Posted by Graham - Mustard - 21/10/2015, 18:48 (GMT)

One of the original headbanders at the Johnny Meerkat gig at the Old Isaacs in Atherton ...a fantastic night & time ...Willow was "merry" that evening, and dropped my mic the fecker lol



And outside with Gaz and Wick ...top bloke


# Posted by the old cock and oak bar. HALI... - 21/10/2015, 19:09 (GMT)

Sad news willow and mrs big fish came to see us in halifax many a time what a gentleman our deepest sympathy to mrs big fish and family our love and thoughts are with you R I P xxx

# Posted by Marauder - 21/10/2015, 20:21 (GMT)

Sad sad news indeed. R.I.P big man, you will be sorely missed my friend

# Posted by Graham - Mustard - 21/10/2015, 20:30 (GMT)

@ Roj the very day we all went along to Wigan to see Willow & the fish ;-)



# Posted by Idle Promise - 21/10/2015, 21:22 (GMT)

I don't think I ever met him in person but loved Sunday nights on here when he would come out with some wonderful comments. Like it's been said above you could never find them in the morning. Sadness indeed

# Posted by 5th Element - 21/10/2015, 22:12 (GMT)

Such sad news :-( We didn't know him very well, but sometimes chatted to him randomly via NWB or Facebook and he always had such a great, down to earth sense of humour and always made us smile :-) Our thoughts go out to his family and close friends. RIP, Willow.

Ann, Neil, Phil, Alan and Dave x

# Posted by CRUSH... - 21/10/2015, 23:34 (GMT)

Lovely chap!
I was at that Wigan (?) gig as well! That was last time I met Willow. Chatted into the small hours a few times on here in the past!
Rest in Peace, Willow..... he will be sorely missed.

# Posted by Nicola - 21/10/2015, 23:47 (GMT)

A lovely lovely man. Popped up to see us at The Bowling Green. Ended up stopping for hours gabbing bout music in the NW for hours! Condolences to his family and friends. X

# Posted by LAST GANG IN TOWN - 22/10/2015, 01:28 (GMT)

Very sad news.....I had the honour of exchanging opinions with Willow on NWB and in person when we met.....a NWB Legend.

# Posted by TEX & THE HARDCORE TROUBAD... - 22/10/2015, 05:08 (GMT)

it would appear that Willow passed suddenly n peacefully in his sleep. i will post details of his funeral as soon as i know more

# Posted by Roj (Black Rose) - 22/10/2015, 08:06 (GMT)

Thanks for the info Tex, and the photo Graham, still in shock here.

# Posted by Hollow Dog - 22/10/2015, 10:11 (GMT)

Shocking news and so very very sad. I've known him for nearly thirty years, a top man with a generous spirit and a wicked sense of humour. RIP Dave, you will be sorely missed.

# Posted by The Dawg - 22/10/2015, 13:09 (GMT)

Very sad news. Always enjoyed his posts on here, such a loss.


# Posted by Blackaways - Ian - 22/10/2015, 13:10 (GMT)

That's a real shock,

I played in a few Bands with Dave, he was a brilliantly talented musician and a lovely guy,

always smiling,

great sense of fun

never a bad word for anyone

lost for more words at the moment


# Posted by THE STAN'S - 22/10/2015, 20:26 (GMT)

So sorry to hear that news

I remember Willow well and had some giggles along the way...

Thanks for letting us know ..

Love Donna & Stan xxx

# Posted by Steve ( solo acoustic plus ) - 22/10/2015, 22:15 (GMT)

Really sad news indeed.

I never met willow but shared a few threads with him on here.
Always appreciated his sense of humour.

RIP Willow.


# Posted by 45s - 23/10/2015, 14:35 (GMT)

Loved TheBigFish playing this 'live'

Here's their studio version .....

# Posted by TEX & THE HARDCORE TROUBAD... - 23/10/2015, 16:18 (GMT)

He was real good at that one Rick, always liked him playin it too !!!

# Posted by Dean (Drummer) - 25/10/2015, 07:47 (GMT)

One of NWB's original and most entertaining characters. RIP fella.

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