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Spring Mill Tavern - Update

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Posted By : 5th Element | Comments : 13

Article in the Rochdale Observer


Hope they throw away the key... Am really and truly horrified reading this - I only spoke to Billy briefly on the phone the week before it happened, but he sounded like a really nice guy. Hope he makes a full recovery now he's out of his coma.

As for the thug who did this, well. The worst thing about stuff like this is that it starts you thinking that Hitler may have had a point about sterilising certain members of the population to stop them from breeding. We just don't need people like that, there is no excuse.

Incidentally, does anyone know who the band was who was meant to be playing there on the night but didn't turn up? The article says it was Saturday 18 April. Think whoever it was made the right choice on the night!

Ann x


# Posted by Rumble Fat Band - 28/10/2009, 09:18 (GMT)

It's a bit scary isn't it and I agree when you hear of things like this it does make you think, "did Hitler have a point".

# Posted by delete 79 - 28/10/2009, 11:07 (GMT)

fuckin sick bastard. that story is horrible

# Posted by Dean (Drummer) - 28/10/2009, 11:37 (GMT)

what a t**t....the guy needs hangin

Hope the LL is ok

# Posted by 45s - 28/10/2009, 11:42 (GMT)

Sadley there are people out there like this fekkin thug who don't give a shit about anyone but themselves, couple that with the booze and this is the result - lock the tw't up and throw away the key

# Posted by DYEHOUSE - 28/10/2009, 12:33 (GMT)

He's even got his "I'm a Chav" uniform on for his police photo call!!
Theses people live on a different planet to the rest of us!

I also noticed from following the links that the landlady at The White Lion in Heywood has died [Bernie] not suspicious though they say? We've played there in past so another unwelcome surprise!

If Ady pulls through this in any way, Are we gonna do him a benifit doo?
He's gonna have special needs that are gonna be expensive so a good fund raiser will be needed?
Who's up for it [dates permiting?]
I will make the effort if at all possible!

# Posted by NIGHT TRAIN - 28/10/2009, 12:46 (GMT)

we played there before Xmas, and it was a rough boozer. Landlord was a great bloke though, if it was the same guy...bloody shame a life ruined cos of some shithead.Hope he gets a good kicking inside, but he'll probably be worse when he's released.
There's a thread on here, why dont people go in pubs anymore...this is one of the reasons...lets face it, unless you know the pub right well this could happen to anybody, anytime...is it worth it?
Must admit I'm getting a bit pissed off with these dickheads who start pointing and sniggering when I walk in a pub just cos of my hair..ok when they hear the band, but even then they come and talk to you..well you all know what I mean.
Christ, what a nation we're turning in to!

# Posted by Willow (of somebig™Fish) (Reti... - 28/10/2009, 13:05 (GMT)

very sorry to hear about all this .... hope the little twat gets what he deserves and the LL makes as best a recovery as possible ....
BUT ....
Hitler, or anything like his sort, is not the answer in however small a dose. read your fucking history books!

# Posted by Whatever! (deactivated) - 28/10/2009, 15:21 (GMT)

Send scum like this on the front line.
See how f*cking big and hard the chav scum are then.
This country needs to wake up with the dickheads that are coming
through and terrorising communities (if there are any now) and making
life hell for some people.
There are some rough pubs out there we used to play some of these but i couldn't be arsed doing them now.
Hope the landlord gets well soon.

# Posted by 5th Element - 28/10/2009, 19:48 (GMT)

@ Willow/the Big Fish - Apologies, obviously I don't think Hitler is the way forward! My Dad's a historian so I know my history books maybe better than most. The point I guess I was trying to make was that the worst thing about a country that's hitting the skids like this with a government that's not doing much/anything about it (the 'nanny' state) is that people start to lose confidence in the government of 'centre' and become more extreme in their political thinking. The next step is taking matters into your own hands, which is what Hitler did - and let's not forget that when he first came to power, Hitler was considered a hero (and not just by the German's) because he was taking the reigns and restoring some of Germany's pride after the humiliation of the Treaty of Versailles. With hindsight, however.....! This is Ann, playing devil's advocate, signing out! ;-) x

# Posted by viking - 28/10/2009, 20:38 (GMT)

am not sure exactly what the answer is-can only concur totally with alec's observation-there seems to be a certain type of person around who thinks it's okay to harangue/attack someone else merely because they "look different" to them (sophie l.?), or, sometimes, for no reason at all- in this particular case there is, i believe, more to it than we are being told and there will be "payback" when "it" comes out of jail -however satisfying that may be, it is not the solution,, though?.the level of violence involved is what frightens me- and a situation we see too many times with little or no consequences.(for those who may feel i have no right to rant on here-this incident happened less than one mile from where i live! my wife and daughter go for walks round here-sometimes i'm on tenterhooks until they come home.). part of the problem seems to be there's no consequences for the thugs - they get a mere slap on the wrist in comparison to the damage they cause.the army is not the answer-who wants to rely on semi-human morons for the defence of the realm? not me. one only has to hear about the attack on the trainee policeman in liverpool and take note of the extent of his injuries to see that something is broken in the minds of the thugs to knowingly inflict that level of damage on another human being-i despair, sometimes.
I wish the landlord well and hope he finds peace in his life.

# Posted by 5th Element - 28/10/2009, 21:00 (GMT)

@ Viking - You're right. I feel a horrible mixture of anger and despair towards these people - anger because the way they behave is just horrific, and despair because there is no helping them to see what they are. Like you, I wish there was an answer. All the band's thoughts go out to Billy and his family. Ann x

# Posted by Willow (of somebig™Fish) (Reti... - 28/10/2009, 21:14 (GMT)

@Ann ... sorry for my rant I just hate it when glib comments are thrown about regarding Adolf and his type. I hoped you wouldn't have believed it and so it proved, but it just goes to show what reactions these scum can bring out in sensible people. I for one despair and have no idea whatsoever what the answer to the problem is. I just hope that life doesn't go completely down the shitter until I've drawn my last breath!! (selfish bastarrd me!) And at the minute it feels like a godsend that I haven't any kids as I REALLy despair for their future!!
God, I've just depressed meself no end! I still believe most people carry more good in their hearts than harm but I'll tell you what - these days I try to avoid having to put that to the test.

# Posted by viking - 28/10/2009, 21:26 (GMT)

@ 5th element and the Big FIsh--ann and willow- i, for one, am weary of having to watch my back every time i go for a night out in case some drunken moron takes a dislike to my appearance or some other such feeble excuse whilst i'm waiting for my taxi home (and it has happened!!), or hear that my wife and daughter have had to suffer verbal abuse from some group of chavs as they're out on a walk-as you say, willow-it's the minority that do it-but, unfortunately that minority seem to be in charge at the moment?:-(

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