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same old bands

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same old gigs

i went to watch a band recently and got yapping to them after the gig, the band concerned said they had played there 5 times this year and about the same last year and added its getting boring, and the same at most of their other gigs, same pubs over and over again and the pubs concerned are all in the same area, they have the same bands on time after time, it gets to the point of the audience get bored watching the same band time and time again even if they are a really good band, as well as the band can find it boring after a few times them selves, these pubs wont give any other bands a chance by offering them a gig when they ask them and they dismiss them out of hand even without knowing how good some of them really are, we all know some of the pubs that are like this, its simple isnt it, if the bands not very good you dont re-book them, it will soon get round all the pubs if the band is no good, so come on you pubs give some of the bands you havnt booked so far a chance,


# Posted by Daz (scopyons) - 27/10/2009, 17:02 (GMT)

In part your right, however if you look at kareoke its prob the same dozen songs that get sang over and over yet karaoke remains popular, Landlords tend to play it safe and book bands that will turn up, and play to a resonable standard for the agreed time, youd be suprised how many bands fail to meet this criteria, one "no show" or a band with chainsaw guitars and a tone deaf singer can empty the place and set the venue back, Im not sure landlords "dismiss bands out of hand" its up to the band to convince the landlords they are worth booking, as live artists its down to us to set a benchmark and stick to it, hence the same bands doing the rounds, As my pipeing alter ego I do a great deal of agency work and the standards set are very exacting in terms of the length of time to play, what tunes are to be played at what point etc. hence agencys try to be fussy about who they book and knowing how easy it is to clear a pub.
The brutal truth is if bands are not getting gigs they are either not selling themselves well enougth or they arent what the landlord is looking for,

# Posted by DYEHOUSE - 27/10/2009, 17:05 (GMT)

This sort of thing has gone on for years!
You just have to bide your time and wait for an opportunity to get in there an proove your worth, usually by way of a late booking/cancellation!
It's just the way it is I'm afraid,some venues wont take risks with unknown bands so stick with the ones they know can draw a crowd or provide a following to fill there gaff with beer swillers!
You must remember for a venue it's not about the band it's strictly about the takings at the till!!!

# Posted by shabs - 27/10/2009, 21:12 (GMT)

it has to be said that in my opinion, its always difficult to pull enough punters in when a band plays for the first time, certainly in the 2 pubs i ve been involved with over the last 17 years.
yes of course we re always looking for new bands, but who can blame the landlord/management for sticking with the bands which are proven to bring in the punters.
although i do know what you mean. we find that cover bands go down better at ours, and yes you do get the same old stuff coming up a lot.
it seems the bands themselves are a bit too much alike!
wacking out the ac/dc ozzy lizzy etc.
but it all boils down to give the punters wot they want!

# Posted by Stataz Quo - 27/10/2009, 21:17 (GMT)

Yeh but we do it with style Ken ehh ? lol

# Posted by DYEHOUSE - 27/10/2009, 21:21 (GMT)

you big suck-up Trig!!!

# Posted by shabs - 27/10/2009, 21:31 (GMT)

agreed trig, (thats a pint u owe me)

# Posted by Stataz Quo - 27/10/2009, 22:15 (GMT)

Ha Ha ! Always worth it for compliments Ken , see you next week mate

# Posted by DYEHOUSE - 27/10/2009, 22:37 (GMT)

get a room guys!

# Posted by Stataz Quo - 27/10/2009, 22:59 (GMT)

Sod off G !

# Posted by Off The Rails - 28/10/2009, 10:06 (GMT)

the point being every band starts off not being known, including the mega bands from yesteryear, and every pub that books a band for the 1st time is in the same boat,and the bands that are well known locally now the 1st time they played in the area they were the unknown band wasnt they, it seems that locally at least some of the pubs that will only book the same bands over and over must have in the past give them bands a try musnt they, so why have they got in this rut of the same old bands now ?, just because they have heard of the band before does not make them a good entertaining band as of a matter of fact when we were after a drummer,1 drummer who had phoned me numerous times trying to join the band was playing in a well known blues band 1 friday night, so we went to see what he was like, before the band came on the place was packed within 20 minutes the place was half empty, they were the worst band i have ever seen, as it happens we were talking to a land lord of a local well known pub,we mentioned that we had been to see this band and he asked what are they like ?, when i told him he said ive booked this band for next month, as it happens the band split before the gig came up, but the reason the land lord booked the band in the 1st place is because he had heard of them before.the only reason the cavern club became famous was because they gave the local unknown bands of the day a chance,it didnt do the cavern club any harm did it, mmmmmmmmmmm makes you think doesnt it.

# Posted by Dean (Drummer) - 28/10/2009, 11:01 (GMT)

OTR - sorry but in my experience most venues DO give new bands a chance, well certainly the ones we play at. I remember sitting at my desk 2 years ago with a blank diary, I literally phoned and sent out media packs to tonnes of NW pubs that had live music - OK some didn't work out but there were plenty that did. Plus we are not local to anywhere really - our band is spread all over the NW (Ashton, Prestwich, Northwich, Preston, Bury) and I can't think of any LL that has told us we can't play because we're not local (for other reasons yes) but not that. Also man, try gettin stuck in a bit more if thats the way you feel - gigs won't come to you, you gotta work for them.

# Posted by G-IT-22 - 28/10/2009, 11:07 (GMT)

Posted by THE SUGAR BULLETS - 28/10/2009, 11:01 (GMT)

. " try gettin stuck in a bit more if thats the way you feel - gigs won't come to you, you gotta work for them."

..........Well posted ..thats exactly how it works !!!!!

# Posted by Off The Rails - 28/10/2009, 12:14 (GMT)

the blog was not about our band, we are from different areas too, at present we are booked up till christmas and taking bookings for next year only,apart from new years eve, we tend to do most of our gigs a bit farther afield, it is about some of the other local bands i have come accross, and the pubs i refer to are in a certain central area not everywhere else, i have been in some of these pubs they which are very cliquey, and witnessed this personally when bands have approached them for gigs, my own experience is that going to the place you want to gig at personally works better than anything else unless you have your own manager then he can do all that for you, but if the pub has blinkers on your wasting your time and thats how some of the pubs i am refering to are,as far as me getting stuck in is concerned most people who know me personally think i could sell sand to the arabs, ask graham in rimmers in leyland im sure he would agree. i am not new at this i have been in various bands in the past ive been in this game a long time and played at various types of venues not just the pub scene from the very large to the very small, as have some of the rest of the band.

# Posted by DYEHOUSE - 28/10/2009, 12:47 (GMT)

I know what you mean "off the rails" !!
there are certain venues that are a "closed shop" for various reasons of there own?

# Posted by Off The Rails - 28/10/2009, 12:54 (GMT)

im glad somebody else agrees !

# Posted by Dean (Drummer) - 28/10/2009, 13:33 (GMT)

OTR its just the tone of your posts came accross as though you meant yourselves, must've misinterpreted apologies.

As Dyehouse says though "for various reasons of their own" a venue might not book a band - I very much doubt that reason is due to the band not being a local band, thats why I said for other reasons yes of course...thats when I CAN agree, some of the reasons we sometimes get are absolutely hilarious. But still, there's still enough pubs (at the mo) for us to keep relatively busy we'll see.


# Posted by Off The Rails - 28/10/2009, 13:46 (GMT)

thanks dean apologies accepted, just trying to help some of the other struggling bands, were all on the same side

cheers tony

# Posted by Dean (Drummer) - 28/10/2009, 14:23 (GMT)

Tough ole world out there hey...a friend I used to be in a band with is just trying to get his new originals band off the ground, I wish him all the best but sympathise, its gonna be tough.

# Posted by Whatever! (deactivated) - 28/10/2009, 14:25 (GMT)

I think OTR it also can depend on the music you play.
We are not going to go down that well at a prodomanentley rock venue.

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