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The Millstone Tonight

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Posted By : Wizdom | Comments : 9

Looking forward !

See ya there!



# Posted by JUICY - 03/10/2015, 17:51 (GMT)

What are you going dressed as ?


# Posted by THE ROB MARTIN BAND - 03/10/2015, 18:27 (GMT)

Have a crackin night Men !

# Posted by Wizdom - 04/10/2015, 04:07 (GMT)

Sorry for being thick but you lost me there Juice?

Thanks Rob was a cracking gig at The Millstone was busy tonight, poor Sharon she was dun
in at the end of the night!


# Posted by JUICY - 04/10/2015, 11:19 (GMT)


I could have sworn Sharon was advertising a Fancy Dress night at The Millstone for last night.
Whilst I'm here I must say that she is one of the best people to deal with if in a band.
Nothing ever seems to be any trouble to her and will help any band out if she can.

# Posted by Wizdom - 04/10/2015, 12:53 (GMT)

@ Juicy

No fancy dress i know about lol, Well said she is one of the best land ladies
out there and has one of the best venue out there too and lovely with it :)

# Posted by JUICY - 04/10/2015, 13:01 (GMT)


Saying that a band that occasionally posts on here ( but I will not name them) gave her a right slagging off on the "Gigs for musicians to avoid UK" Fbook page due to an unfortunate booking mix up.
BTW,I read The Millstones page in a hurry - the Fancy Dress was on Friday night.
Glad I didn't go in Fancy dress.


# Posted by Wizdom - 04/10/2015, 13:41 (GMT)

Ha Ha that would have been funny lol! but good for the night :)

# Posted by WAGONTOWN - 04/10/2015, 14:13 (GMT)

Seconded Mike.
Sharon flies around like a blue arsed fly to keep things running smooth, she even sorted out the big mouth pisshead stage invader the other week.


# Posted by Wizdom - 04/10/2015, 15:16 (GMT)

Ha ha Tel would have loved to have seen that! :)

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