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Is anyone using those ear plug monitors?

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Posted By : SpiRock | Comments : 4

do they work? ....Any advise please, any good make and prices...

just give us some feed back guys...


# Posted by MICK NASH - 03/10/2015, 16:28 (GMT)

I used to use them when playing bass in bands. They saved my voice as well as my ears. I used Sennheiser transmitter and Shure headphones. They were brilliant. The whole system was a snip at just £800, a similar set today would probably be even cheaper.
More recently I used a wired set-up (a Rolls PM351 from Thomann and my old Shures) for a couple of band gigs. I've never used them for solo gigs though because I like to hear the sound of the room.

# Posted by SpiRock - 03/10/2015, 17:26 (GMT)

Thanks Mick...

# Posted by Alfie Ibbotsons Popular Beat C... - 04/10/2015, 11:06 (GMT)

I've used an old trantec system for years and that was only bought second hand as an experiment. Its been the best what ever it cost I've probably ever spent. £100 I think... I've used various headphones from cheapies to expensive shure and Sennhieser . I put my vocals and a bit guitar to help pitch in my mix when playing with the Alfies....In the past on bigger stages it would been keys and a bit of kick drum. On thing I've always done is to use only one ear piece and that way I hear the room and the band.

# Posted by Steve - 05/10/2015, 15:28 (GMT)

Shure in ears...about £80. Play my guitar through them too....

Trickle the bass drum and I can use both earphones and protect my ears

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